Book Review – Northern Exposure (Compass Pass #1) by Jayne Rylon


All roads lead home when that s where you ve left your heart.

“Compass Brothers, Book 1”

Silas Compton always had his eye on Lucy, the veterinarian s daughter. He was even content to wait for the girl of his dreams to grow up before getting anywhere near her with his family s double-edged legacy.

Waiting around led to fooling around with his best friend and an impulsive eruption of desire that Lucy s innocent eyes weren t meant to see. Figuring Compton Pass wasn t big enough for either the three of them or the pain he d caused, Silas let loose his tightly reined wanderlust and headed for Alaska.

Ten years later, when an oil rig accident sends him home, he braces himself for the reopening of old wounds. Instead he finds himself in the care and welcoming arms of Lucy and Colby, whose marriage has plenty of room for the man they both still love. And forgive with all their hearts.

As things start to unravel at Compass Ranch, Silas must dig deep for the strength to assume his rightful place in the Compton family and lay the foundation for a future with his lovers. If he can forgive himself.

Warning: This book is overflowing with sexy cowboys who like to saddle up and ride each other as well as the woman of their dreams. The likelihood of becoming addicted to their ranch family is high. With three more stories yet to come, beware. You won t be able to read just one!


4 Stars

This is my very first Jayne Rylon novel and she blew me away.   There is something about taking a story and making the reader feel like its life.  Northern Exposure is a book about true and everlasting love.  A love that is not conventional but love nonetheless.  Love has no boundaries, colors, size, gender, or limits.  Whether love is between a man and woman, man and man, or 2 men and one woman it’s still love and it’s still beautiful.

Jayne did an excellent job of taking three characters, Silas, Colby and Lucy and making them a unit.  The storyline was amazingly addicting and over powering.  The struggles that Silas went through while being away from Compass Pass broke my heart.  I felt his loneliness and sadness.  I felt the love he had in his heart for Lucy and Colby.  Silas is a broken man and he doesn’t feel like he is worth love and commitment.

Lucy and Colby are not only in love with each other but love Silas from afar so very much.  They both have pieces of them missing and until Silas returned home their hearts were not whole. 

Aside from the blossoming love between the 3 of them the chemistry and electricity that flowed between the triad was hot.  Jayne sure knows how to write a steamy scene.  Lucy and Colby are married but with the return of Silas they want to make room for him in their home and in their lives.  Silas was always the glue that held them together and now that he is back they have their final piece of the puzzle back.

“He didn’t ask you to treat him with kid gloves.” Lu took Silas’s face in her palms, forcing him to meet her determined stare.  “He’s strong, Si.  So strong.  He wants all of you.  He needs the unbridled passion only you can give him.  Show him who owns him.  Owns us both.  Prove to yourself, you can take control.”

There were moments my heart broke, melted, and expanded.  Sometimes I felt like crying and other times I felt like swooning.  Jayne’s words gave me goose bumps and sent chills throughout my body.   I feel in love with Silas and wanted nothing but the best for him.  At times I thought he would get everything he wanted and at other times I was scared he would never get the happiness that he deserved.  The emotional scenes are emotional.  The steamy scenes are beyond steamy and I craved more of it.

“I think he’s close, Colby.  I can taste him and the head of his cock is more defined against my tongue.  Help me make him explode.  I want to drink his come.” 

Is 10 years away from Colby and Lucy too long to mend their relationships?  Can Lucy and Colby finally make Silas realize that he is what has been missing for them or will Silas’ past threaten their future?