Book Review – My Master’s Nightmare Episodes 1-5 by Marita A. Hansen




My Masters Nightmare Ep. 1 – 5

An interesting group of “episodes” revealing an intense look at the sex slave trading industry. It starts with an FBI agent intentionally getting captured to avenge the death of her husband but quickly escalates into a situation that no on could have predicted. It had everything you’d expect from a book about sexual slavery, then it added a few unique twists. Really the only problems with the stories is that they aren’t long enough to do the whole plot justice. The characters are well written, the plot flows well, if a little fast and is very suspenseful. The twists and turn keep on your feet as a reader, just when you think you can figure out what is going to happen next someone surprises you and the whole outcome of the series changes AGAIN. Most books I’ve read in this genre tend to focus on a POV from a female slave, and while that’s represented here, the author did a good job of incorporating the other side of the story, and throwing in a few surprises as well. I’m giving this series 4 stars, because I wish that the author had taken a little more time and built up to some of the curveballs without giving us whiplash from the previous one. That being said I’m definitely looking forward to continuing the series and would recommend them to anyone who likes this genre of books, as it’s really not for everyone.