Book Review: Mr. Right Now Volume #4 by HJ Bellus

mr right now vol 4Synopsis

Volume 4

Deadlines threaten to drown the Sterlings as they wrap up business in LA. Dax is in jail serving time, Eli is preoccupied, and Kam is in rehab, leaving Cole to keep the business afloat once again. He was even forced to call in their cousins, the Bennett boys, to oversee club business in Denver. All he knows is Kam better come out of rehab with his head on straight and ready to get back to work.

Jett has problems of her own. She screwed Kam over in the worst possible way, but that won’t stop him from seeking revenge and getting his old life back. The thing is, nothing stops a Sterling from getting what he wants.

-This is a four-part erotic serial.-

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 With 3 out of the 4 sterling brother otherwise detained, it is Cole that keeps the business afloat. He has to call in their cousins the Bennett boys to to over see the club in Denver. Cole hopes Kam gets out of rehab better and ready to get back to work. Cole is juggling everything  and dealing with his own girl or issues. Kam’s girl problem is what was at the root of his ending up in rehab.
Jett is the girl Kam can’t forget. She hurts him. But he doesn’t know the whole story. Jett has her problems to deal with at the moment. She screwed Kam over in the worst possible way. 
After he gets out of rehab he seeks revenge  on Jett and tries to get his old life back. But when the truth comes out, he wants Jett and he is going to do what he wants to get her. 
I loved Kam and Jett’s story. I love that he fights for her. We get to see Kam in this book more than in any other book. Jett has a super horrific story and I am glad Kam stands up for her. Its romance with a hard edge. I loved it. 
I felt extremely sad for Cole. All the other guys find their women. But Cole is left up in the air. Which makes me extremely happy that there are 3 more volumes. I can’t get enough of these Sterling boys. I can’t wait to dive into the Bennett boys as well! It is a great read, just like the other 3 books. I am hooked to this series and love all the guys and girls. Of course I love some more than others but I found a spot in my heart for Kam. He is edgy and I love it! Go one click this one!!
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