Book Review: Mr. Right Now (The Sterling Brothers Vol 2) by HJ Bellus


Volume #2
The Sterling brothers have marked LA with their sin. Dax finds himself fighting old demons. He lost count of the number of women he has entertained in LA, but then he sees the redhead who has been haunting his dreams for weeks.

When he happens to run into her again, he refuses to take no for an answer. Six weeks promised, and so many possibilities lying ahead of him. But can Dax keep out of trouble—and jail—long enough to enjoy it?

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4 star review

Volume #2
What happens next after the first book? It’s Dax turn. Dax meets a red haired women who he spends one night with and can’t stop thinking about her. He does everything to forget her by having countless women to entertain him sexually and he still can’t escape her from his dreams. 

When he finally finds her again, he refuses to take no for an answer. He begs her for six weeks, thinking that will be enough to get her out of his system.But will six weeks be enough for him? Or will Dax even have enough time to enjoy his redheaded goddess with trouble around every corner and the possibility of jail?

I liked this book. It was very good. But I think the cliffhanger from book one was on my mind and it is hard to connect with Dax and his red headed goddess when I couldn’t stop thinking and worrying about that. But I  do finally connect with him and do love him and his desire to protect and even maybe even love her. A major first for him.  Its a good transformation for him and I love the growth. This book gives us inside not just Dax but the Sterling brothers too. Now I just can’t wait to read what happens in Volume 3. 
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