Book Review – Motorcycle Man (A Dream Man Novel) by Kristen Ashley

Motorcycle Man Cover



Stuck in a colorless world, Tyra Masters decides to chuck her old life and starts searching for something. She doesn’t know what it is until she meets her dream man. The goateed, tattooed, muscled, gravelly voiced motorcycle man who plies her with tequila and gives her the best sex of her life. But she knows it isn’t the tequila and sex talking. He’s it. He’s who she’s been daydreaming about since she could remember.

Until he makes it clear she isn’t who he’s looking for.

Tyra slinks away from his bed, humiliated. The problem is, he’s her new boss. She just may or may not have forgotten to tell him that part.

Kane “Tack” Allen has a rule. He doesn’t employ someone he’s slept with. And he lets Tyra know that in his motorcycle man way. Tyra fights for her job and wins it using sass and a technicality. Tack challenges her that if she hits his bed one more time, she loses her job.

Tyra is determined to keep her job and keep away from Tack. But she makes a big mistake. During their head-to-heads, she lets it all hang out and shows Tack she is who he’s looking for. And Tack has had a good woman slip through his fingers, he’s not about to let that happen again.

Although Tack colors Tyra’s world with a vibrancy that’s blinding, being with him means she has to live in his Motorcycle Club world. Full on, no holds barred. And since Tack’s world, not to mention Tack, is a little scary, Tyra isn’t so sure.

It’s Tack’s job to convince her.





“ No, baby, I’m not scaring you. You’re just scared. You give me a little more, you’ll see I’ll protect it. More, I’ll protect that too. More, I got that too. When you give it all to me, if it works with us in a way that lasts, you’ll never be scared. You’ll feel safe enough to have your eyes open, your arms up and you’ll enjoy the fuck outta the ride. I’lls ee to that, Red, and that’s a promise.”

Badass motorcycle man + Tack + Sweet = Oh boy!

This book was hot and I am talking the type of hot that I saw smoke coming from my kindle while I was reading this. Anyone who thinking tattooed Harley riding rough and tough men are no their thing well shame on you and yay because more for me! Tack is one fine piece of male specimen and should have every woman saying…

“Tip your hips, Red. I wanna go deep,” he grunted, and I did. He went deep and I moaned. “You like that.”

“I do,” I gasped. “I like everything about you, honey. Everything. Lived in black and white seems like all my life. Never noticed. Not until you colored my world.”

I also loved Tyra “Red”. She was your all around woman who was looking for “the one”, and wouldn’t settle for anything less. She didn’t know that her prince would come in the form of a man like Tack but.

Oh boy!

Not only is she fierce and tells it like it is, I love her smart ass mouth and her soft side. She isn’t rough like that Tack and needs to be handled gently and when Tack finally figured it out and we got down to business I was all over the place doing….

“I’m not coward and I’m not going to be your plaything. I don’t know where I’m going or what I’m doing but I do know I’m Tyra Sidney Masters and Tyra Sidney Masters is not a coward and she’s not a plaything. That’s what I know. So, Tack Whoever-You-Are, bring it on.”

Tack was everything rolled into one. He was honest, strong, sexy, determined, a great lover, and he could be sweet, so very sweet in his rough and bad boy way. Oh boy! Oh and did I mention he was a take charge kind of lover too? Holy monkey balls did he know how to please his woman, I mean hell I wasn’t even a character in the book and he had me….

“Now, baby, you coulda taken your job with Ride and kept your shit separate. You didn’t. You came and partied with the Club. Then you took my hand and partied with me. That means I get to claim you, and I have. There’s no out once you’re in and, Tyra, darlin’, you’re in.”

We even got a bitch in this book and oh boy was she is a bitch. Evil, vindictive and all together slutty and I wanted to go gangsta on her ass. But she got what was coming to her in the way Tack knows best. Revenge is SWEET!

Oh and there is danger too – yep Kristen throws that in there also. The type of danger that has you sitting on the edge of your seat hoping the hero saves the day. The kind that makes your stomach turn and your pulse race. The scenes were written so well I really thought I was there in the action.

To wrap this up shame on me for not reading this sooner. Shame on me for nothing enjoying Tack from the first day he was available to all of us. Kristen Ashley can sure write one hell of a story with bad boys we can’t help but love and lust over. It’s not your everyday rainbows and sunshine story either. It’s real, and sometimes dirty, and powerful and consuming and the real type of love that some people never find is always sweet at the end. 5 amazing stars for this read. If you haven’t had the pleasure of getting to meet Tack in A Motorcycle Man you get to get on it and jump on the back of his motorcycle and hang on for this wild ride that you will never want to stop.

5 Star Review