Book Review – Making Thyme by T.J. Hamilton




She may have left prostitution, but can Mia face the demons of her past? Now working for a different kind of Agency, with a new set of rules and a new life. There is so much to learn in so little time. The world of espionage is not too far from the secret life of prostitution that she’s trying to leave behind. Can she withstand the mental and physical training that’s involved in becoming a secret agent? 

Agent Nick Davis is Mia’s mentor. He’s also all that she desires. He is everything she ever wanted in a man and he is the one person who understands and accepts her. She may have known him before but the more she learns about him now, the more she loves. Their love may grow stronger by the day but is it strong enough to survive her return to Tench?

Her quest to find the truth about her friend may continue to lead her further into the dark life of crime boss Joe Tench. While at the same time, his obsession for her is developing into something sinister. Can she discover what evil he is orchestrating in time before he discovers the truth about her?


Amanda’s 4 Star Review


I am sure just like everyone else, I was dying for the Making Thyme from the moment I finished Buying Thyme! And T.J. Hamilton does not disappoint!  Now I am just as anxious for book 3!  I was on the edge of my seat at the end of this one!  We get to see a whole new side to Mia as she learns who she is without pretending to be “Miranda”!
“I’m no longer a whore, nor is he Tom Smythe.  This should be easier to be together right?  No longer any secrets between us… the real us.”
*Spoiler from Book 1* So when Buying Thyme ended Mia had run away because she was scared of Joe Tench. Only she was found by Nick Davis and was asked to help them take Tench down.  Now that she has agreed she must move back to begin her training with the Organised Crime Taskforce Unit.  *
Buying Thyme starts with Mia Thyme back in Sydney waiting to begin training.   She feels lost being in a new apartment… alone!  Agent Nick Davis, previously known as Tom Smythe, is Mia’s mentor.  But they are trying to hide their desires for each other.  The Agency is watching Mia’s every move because there is so much she needs to learn in a short amount of time.  She also needs to be careful and stay protected so Joe Tench doesn’t realize she is back in town.   As she begins her training that is not only mentally exhausting but physically as well, her relationship with Nick begins to make her wish she had never been “Miranda” the working girl.  But Nick’s love for her consumes her and makes her hope he still wants her when things are over and Joe Tench is caught. 
“Mia, I’m going to protect you forever.  I know it’s hard for you to get your head around having to going back to being Miranda again, but I l know you can do it.  I’m going to be here when it’s all over.  Then we can start living our life together.  Where are we going to go by the way?”
Mia and Nick are HOT for each other!  And although Mia has no idea what love feels like she knows that is what she feels for Nick.  He is the most understanding man and accepts every side of Mia.  Nick loves her and has complete faith in her ability to help take down Tench.  (I love Nick Davis!  He is yummy and so sweet!)  She just needs to learn to believe in herself because she is INCREDIBLY smart!  Mia wants to know what happened to Sally but she can’t underestimate how obsessed Tench is with her. 
“Going back to Tench isn’t my biggest worry any more.  Leaving Nick is the hardest thing I’ll ever have to do.”
What happens when she runs into Tench again?  Will Nick always be waiting for her?  Can she be with Tench and not feel like she’s betraying Nick… or will that even be an issue?  Will Tench find out who she really is?  I loved this book I just needed more!  I felt like some parts were drawn out but overall it only made me more anxious for the next book!  There were parts that were kind of unbelievable for me but didn’t really take away from the story line.  The end knocked my socks off and left me an emotional mess that only Book 3 can fix!!!  If you loved Buying Thyme you will love this book and just be begging for more!