Release – Love Knows No Bounds by Lorraine Britt


Delaney Cooper lives in Concord, Massachusetts with her uncle and aunt, Richard and Sarah Fuller, and their son Aaron.  The family purchases and lovingly renovates and restores a historic colonial home. 

Upon moving in Laney discovers something very unusual and magical about her room…and comes face to face with someone she never should have never been able to meet.  Samuel Bradford is a young man caught up in the challenges facing colonial America. Once Laney and Samuel find each other will the timeless connection be enough to save Samuel and keep them together? 



3 Stars


A quirky YA book about finding love in unexpected places. I thought that the story had potentinal, but I don’t think that the author did enough to develop it. It’s a story of a girl (Laney) who accidentally stumbles into the past thru a doorway in her closet, only to meet, well spy on, the love of her life (Samuel), after having just literally watched her best friend have a love at first site moment. There a few instances of her watching him, some clandestine communication via a notebook, and BOOM they are in love, and she’s bringing him to live the rest of his life in the future. I found the transition for Samuel to be unbelievable, he’s too accepting of modern technology., and yet freaked out by the forwardness of the modern woman. I didn’t hate the book, and it was an easy read, I just thought that the plot moved a little too quickly. 3 stars for a good try.