Book Review – Life After Taylah by Bella Jewel




My mother’s name is Taylah, and once, a very long time ago, she was my best friend – she was everything I wanted to be. 

Until the night she disappeared. 

Ten years on and my life, my families lives and the world around us has never been the same again. 
How can it be when you are left not knowing?

No leads. No connections. Nothing. Just pure emptiness. 

My dancing is the only way I can separate myself from the pain that lies in my home, in my father’s eyes and in my brother’s spirit. They need me and I’ll fight with everything I am to be there for them, but who will be there for me?

Then I meet Nate. 

Champion Motocross racer and everything my father doesn’t want for me. He’s forbidden, he’s beautiful, and he’s carrying a bundle of his own secrets. 

When I step into his world, there is no turning back. 

He will consume me. 

He will teach me how to breathe again. 

He will put a tiny piece of my broken heart, back together.


4.5 stars

Life After Taylah is another amazing read that makes you really need to sit down and process what you just read. There is so much more to this story than what is written. The reader can take this story and decide for themselves why the characters are the way they are and analyze everything, which I LOVE stories like this. Almost like I get to decide for myself why each character is who they are and this one took my mind on a tailspin trying to piece the puzzle pieces together and come up with my own conclusion as to what Bella was trying to get across.

After a decade of losing her mother and not knowing if she is dead or alive or if she was taken or left willingly Avery struggles with living a normal carefree happy life that she so desperately craves. Living for 10 years wondering all the time if she was good enough or if her mother didn’t love her took its toll on her light and quickly extinguished it. Living day to day basically a zombie she finds herself going through the motions of life but not fully living.

After meeting Nate, motor-cross superstar, that spark slowly starts to ignite back inside her and Avery finds herself craving him because he makes her forget everything. Problem is, is Nate is very married with a young child. Their connection is undeniable but she knows she has to stay away because she is not that person, she is not the type of person to take something that clearly belongs to someone else even though everything in her body is screaming at her to take.

The chemistry and electricity that flows between Nate and Avery has the pages on fire and the sexual tension drove me to continue reading wanting to know how their story ended. My heart ached for Avery because I could tell that once, long ago, she had the world at her finger tips and had so much joy and love in her to give that the world would be a better place because of, all of that was quickly taken away when her mother disappeared without and trace.

When Nate and Avery decide that friendship is the only way their relationship can go they both stick with that, both denying their bodies and heart everything that they are screaming. Struggling with her own past she doesn’t have time or place in her heart for love, how could she when her heart was taken the moment her mother was gone.  What happens when friendship quickly turns into something more? What happens when the only person to put the light back into Avery’s eyes is very married? Can Avery and Nate keep their friendship or will their desires, wants and need for each other cloud their judgment taking them on a whole new different ride?

Amazing story! I was engrossed with this book from the very beginning. The blurb quickly caught my eye but the story itself and the contents of the story held my attention to the very end. I understood Avery even though I have never been in her shoes. She was struggling so bad that she would grab onto anything to make her mind finally be at peace, to forget everything that is continuously thrown into her face day after day.  Oh and let’s not forget there was a big BOOM that I didn’t see coming, seriously my jaw was on the floor for quit some time.

Bella wrote a heartfelt and gut wrenching story that will capture the hearts of many. This is Avery’s story. It may not be pretty and wrapped in pink paper with a big fluffy bow on top but it’s her life, her story, her words, her thoughts, this is Avery her Life After Taylah.