Book Review – Liberty Begins by Leigh James

Liberty Begins


Professionally edited by David Taylor and thEditors.

“‘I need a favor,’ he said and smiled a big, fake smile. My stomach dropped. I was not into giving favors. Favors were free for the recipient, but they always cost the giver something. In Vegas, it was usually your dignity. I was hanging on real tight to the little bit I had left.”

Liberty Davis has moved to Las Vegas for a fresh start — and to get away from some seriously bad memories. Liberty is a good girl, but Vegas is starting to break her down. The only way she can make rent is by stripping, and her boss is trying to convince her that she needs to do more than just take her clothes off to make ends meet…

Enter John Quinn. He’s a handsome, seriously sexy business man who makes Liberty’s heart stop. She’s afraid of her attraction, afraid to lose control… and she’s PETRIFIED when she finds out what type of business John’s actually in.

Hint: he doesn’t sit at a desk, he employs ex-Navy SEALS, and it’s absolutely lethal to be on his bad side. John has his share of secrets, and one of them involves Liberty’s past. When he takes her to his compound and asks her to join him on assignment, Liberty finds herself drawn into his world, and it opens up a backlist of dark secrets for the both of them…

Dark secrets that will bring them together and tear them apart.

This novel is intended for mature audiences.

(Liberty Begins is book one of a two part series. Liberty At Last, the sequel, will be out soon.)


Amanda’s 5 Star Review

OMG how has no one told me about this book before?  I can’t believe it is not blowing up and people begging for Book 2!  Because personally I am freaking out!  I am so thankful I got a chance to read it!  This book is AMAZING!!!  Crazy good!  The dark secret man whom I am in love with and the lady who may be a stripper but she knows who she is and doesn’t let anyone get close!  AHHH I can’t say enough about it!  Ok so let me see if I can calm down and tell you about Liberty Begins!

Liberty Davis is a stripper in Las Vegas.  She had a horrible childhood and when her mother passed away she left town and came to Vegas.  In order to be able to make it she started stripping.  Although her boss is always on her to do more than just take her clothes off, Liberty is only comfortable enough to dance on stage.  She is no where near ready to give lap dances or more like the other girls do.  Working as much as possible to barely make ends meet she is beginning to wonder how long she can keep just dancing. 
“If I was being honest, I would say maybe I liked stripping a little.  I felt something when I was up there, dancing with only a thong on, with a hundred guys staring at me like they were hungry.  I felt powerful.”
When her boss comes up to her and needs a favor one night, she immediately is nervous!  Favors were free for the recipient, but they always cost the giver something and that scared Liberty.   Her boss says he just wants her to go to the bar and talk to a man.  When she walks out there she never expected to be immediately attracted to John Quinn.  He literally takes her breath away and she is afraid of losing control.  He is older than her but SEXY!!! OMG he is gorgeous!  She knows he is a business man but when things happen and she is thrown head first into his world she learns she has no idea what type of business John’s actually in. 
“I was safe now, finally.  Nothing was going to hurt me anymore, unless I let it.”
As things quickly change and she is swept away with him and the ex-Navy Seals he employs, she knows she never wants to be on John’s bad side.  When he takes her to his compound asking her to join him on an assignment that involves Liberty’s past, she is scared of the dark secrets that will be revealed.  But John has secrets of his own as well.  Things quickly heat up between Liberty and John and I swear it is HOT!!!  Like off the charts sexual energy and beautiful at the same time!  AMAZING!  They are in love and are making plans for after the mission, but is that the end of their story?  Will their pasts and secrets tear them apart? 
I don’t think I can even tell you how much I LOVE LIBERTY BEGINS!  There are not enough words to explain how HOT this story is but at the same time CAPTIVATING and SUSPENSEFUL!  I can’t wait for Liberty At Last!  Leigh James had me on the edge of my seat the whole time!  AMAZING!