Book Review: King (King #1) by T.M. Frazier

King CoverSynopsis

Homeless. Hungry. Desperate.
Doe has no memories of who she is or where she comes from.

A notorious career criminal just released from prison, King is someone you don’t want to cross unless you’re prepared to pay him back in blood, sweat, pu$$y or a combination of all three.

King’s future hangs in the balance. Doe’s is written in her past. When they come crashing together, they will have to learn that sometimes in order to hold on, you have to first let go.




A good blogger friend of mine from Rebels & Readers told me about this book and I just laughed and said okay I will add it to my already mile long TBR list but really didn’t think I would get to it for a very long time. So I had just finished up reading a book and decided I would go ahead and move it up and see what all the hype was about. 2 words = MIND BLOWN. As I was reading King I kept thinking, where the hell had I been? Why didn’t I hear about this one much sooner? And why in the hell didn’t I start it the very same day Amy told me about this? Oh yes that’s right, because I suck but I will never not take her suggestions again because this was a work of brilliance. I ate it up like it was a piece warm piece of ooey gooey chocolate cake. I literally couldn’t find it in me to put it down. I found myself spending a few extra 10 minutes in the bathroom just so I could get a few more pages in before I had to get back to reality we call life.

T.M. Frazier created a masterful story that kept me intrigued and yearning for the conclusion of this twisted and beautifully tragic love story.   I found that her storyline to be very unique and thought out and her approach on telling us the story of Doe and Brantley King was done flawlessly. There was so much darkness and twisted scenes that at times I found myself cringing. If you enjoy a great mind blowing, sick and twisted, can’t get enough of darkness than you will thoroughly enjoy King.

Aside from the dark points of this story it had incredible steam as well. Brantley King maybe a dark and dangerous badass who can handcuff me to anything, anytime, anywhere but he also is extremely protective to those that he cares about. He puts those who are close to him above himself and will go to the edge of the earth and back to make sure they are safe and taken care of. He will not only ignite a burning rage inside you but also spark a desire deep down south that will leave you aching for him to extinguish that fire with his big and powerful hose.

I became extremely attached to Preppy, who is King’s best friend and partner in crime. He brought me laughter and tears and stole my heart. When it came to Preppy aka Samuel, you never knew what was going to come from his mouth but you knew that whatever he was going to say he would make sure you were listening. He is quirky, funny, and downright lovable.

There were times that I wanted to cuss and strangle T.M. Frazier but I tried to calm down and told myself she couldn’t help how the characters spoke or didn’t speak to her. She will shock you, make you love her, hate her and lust for her. Brantley King and Doe will reside in a part of my heart with their powerful and moving story that T.M. Frazier’s mind created and did it beautifully. One click this baby today and take a walk on the dark and twisted side and fall in love with King.


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