Book Review: Impulsion (Station 32, #1) by Jamie Magee


With a glance Wyatt Doran stole Harley Tatum’s heart. With each summer that passed, touch by touch, they robbed each other’s innocence, birthing a love that was so deep that it scorched within. Without warning, they were ripped from the clutches of each other, placed in lives that were worlds apart. Only to cross paths after a freak accident where Harley’s horse rig was flipped. An accident that Wyatt Doran, from fire station 32, responded.
The tension was immediate, the emotions were raw. One breath told them they were not the same as before, one touch…changed their world.

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4 star review


I have to say that I really enjoyed this book. There were little things that bugged me, Harley being somewhat annoying at times, but who doesn’t love a good cowboy love story. To me this book stood out more the love story of a cowboy and the one girl who stole his heart from the first glance he got of her, not a fire fighters story so much. Over all I think it was fairly well written. The author shows potential. This is the first book I have read by Jamie and parts of it felt not so mature. Then again we follow the story of high school summer lovers and pick up four years later when their paths cross again, due to a terrible accident.
Harley comes from an extremely well to do family. Her mother is a controlling, conniving biotch. Her father is pretty decent, but does not seem to stand up for his daughter, no matter how badly her mother treats her. I think Harley is like most 17 year-olds, that she does not want to rock the boat, she does as she is asked, no matter how badly she hates or does not agree with the situation. The part that sucks is that she continues to allow her mother to belittle and berate her as she grows older. She talks about standing up to her, yet she never really does.

Wyatt comes from an amazingly loving, close family. They are there for each other no matter what. Stepping up to help out those friends that are close to them. They seem to have this awesome family network. I found it interesting that Wyatt claims to be oh-so-close to his mom, yet he does not let her know about his relationship with Harley until it is to late.

When Harley and Wyatt find their lives ripped apart, will they be able to find a way back to one another? Will they be able to forgive each other for those things that transpired while they were apart. Will Harley once and for all be free of her controlling mother and be able to stand on her own two feet? Pick u your copy of Impulsion and get caught up in the love story of Wyatt and Harley and watch it unfold.

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