Book Review: Hidden Obsession (The Club #2) by Missy Johnson


Desperate for a change – and hoping to shake off the guy who has been stalking her for the last two years – Raven James moves to Texas to start a new life.

Until now, her stalker has kept his distance. But when a sexy young detective Conrad enters the scene, her stalkers behavior becomes more and more disturbing, leaving Raven to wonder how far he will go to get what he wants.

When Conrad turns up at her work with some interesting ‘ideas’ on how to draw her stalker out of the woodwork, Raven is willing to try anything, even if it means doing things she never thought she was capable of.

Conrad says he can help, but the line between duty and desire will be blurred in an effort to catch a madman.


4.5 star review

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Raven James has a stalker. She moves to get away from him because she is tired of his attention for the past two years. Raven wants a fresh start and hopes she can find it in Karin, Texas. to start a new life.

Raven’s stalker not only found her but now what he does is just disturbing and makes Raven scared of what he will do next. Conrad an detective who is very attractive and Raven can’t take her eyes off him. Conrad has an “idea” to draw out her stalker but will she do it and will she enjoy it? Conrad takes this case personally and the heat between these two is blurring that line, will they cross it?  Who is this stalker with an hidden obsession for Raven James?

Missy Johnson has an overactive dark and twist mind, this is why I love her books. They are a breath of fresh air and so different from anything else I have ever read. This one has me shocked because at the end of this novella I don’t know what is the right decision is for Raven. I am surprised by my thoughts on the characters or the major cliffhanger leaving me with my jaw wide open and saying oh wow! Can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next!
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