Book Review: Ground & Pound by Alexis Noelle and Emily Minton






Kane Travis is one of the most successful fighters in the UFC. His name is known worldwide. Men want to be him, and women just want him. All Kane wants is the heavy weight title, nothing else matters to him. Not until, he see Emmy twirling around a pole

Kane has one rule, never give anyone else control. He doesn’t let anyone in, especially woman. The night he meets Emmy, he knows she is more dangerous than any opponent he has ever fought.

Emmy Sanders will do anything to care for her younger brother, even taking her clothes off at a seedy strip club. Ever since their parent’s death, she has been the sole provider for them both. All Emmy wants is to get her brother through college, nothing else matters to her, until she sees Kane sitting at the end of the stage.

Emmy has to have control over every aspect of her life. There is a time and place for everything, she never wavers from her plan. The night she meets Kane, she knows he is more dangerous than anyone she has ever met.

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I loved Alexis Noelle’s books and this is my first book I’ve read from Emily Minton. I happy to say that I will for sure be checking out other books by Emily in the future.

Ground & Pound was a fast paced story that I thought was written extremely well and was instantly hooked.

Emmy is a 23 year old girl raising her younger brother Trey after her parents are killed. She works in a high end club stripping to pay her brother’s tuition and paying their bills. She hates stripping but she needs the money.  

Kane is an MMA fighter, who also is co-owner to a gym. He is also taking care of his brother Ozzy. Kane sees Emmy at the strip club and is instantly drawn to her. 
I really loved this story and these characters. Emmy is a strong independent take charge type of women. She still has a lot of guilt over what happened to her parents. Kane was the total Alpha male: strong and possessive, which I love. But he has a big heart and is fiercely loyal too.  They have amazing chemistry that had me hooked and hoping for their HEA. I  loved their brothers too. I want more of them and their brothers. It was an another amazing book from Alexis Noelle and love the co writing with Emily Minton. I need more please! If you love MMA themed stories, you’ll love this one! 
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