Book Review: Almost Human by Honoria Ravena


When Alaric’s brother turns Casey, the daughter of a prominent vampire hunting family, Alaric knows they’re all in deep trouble. He’ll do anything to keep his family safe, even if it means murdering Casey’s sister before she kills them all. His sister-in-law’s family will never stop hunting them now.
Kori was given the task of hunting down her sister and the leeches that turned her. Her primary target is Alaric, the head of the family. But when she loses the fight and Alaric is unwilling to kill her, she goes against everything she’s been taught abandoning the hunt to give Alaric and his family time to escape her mother’s wrath.
Kori’s mother has other plans. If Kori won’t take care of her evil sister then her mother knows someone who will. She raises the first witch in their family line from the dead to finish the job and Kori knows she has to warn Alaric before it’s too late. However, there are other things at work far more dangerous than a zombie, and it will require cooperating with her new family to defeat them.
4.5 star review
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I don’t read a lot of Paranormal Romance any more, but I think I might be missing out. This book reminded me a lot of Laurell K Hamiliton’s books before she forgot to have a plot and started writing porn. I found it to be intriguing, engaging, and over all well written. I thought that she did a fantastic job of giving us the back-story via conversation instead of droning monologues. Her characters were well written and the plot flowed well with a sense of mystery along with action packed scenes that just sucked you in. Her sex was a little mild but overall I think she did a great job. I hope she plans on the being the first book in a series because I was hooked and would love to know what happens next.
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