Book Review: Friction (Station 32, #2) by Jamie Magee


Having the wrong things in common with the right girl at the wrong time has always been a tragic issue for Easton Ballantine. At least it was when it came to Georgia Armstrong.

Georgia Armstrong’s nomadic life had left her worn and lacking the desire to attach to anyone or anything. She’d been burned and felt the coldness of loss and was content to drift at will until she found a reason to stay.

Broken roads and bad decisions, which led to right ones, were the demons in both their past—choices that would either draw them together, or rip them apart.

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4.5 star review


Nothing goes against the guy code more than falling for your best friends little sister. Especially when she is still in high school. When Georgia “Little Bit” Armstrong loses the most important man in her life she finds comfort in the arms of her older brothers best friend Easton. Georgia’s father was like a dad to him, there to help finish raising Easton after he lost his own dad at a young age.

Easton cannot understand the draw he has to Georgia. She is younger and off limits. Yet he can’t seem to find the brakes when they spend one night getting a little lost in one another, to soothe the ache, hurt and loss of such an important man in their lives.

Georgia hides behind a mask of dark clothes, purple hair and black makeup. Trying to conceal all the hurt and anger she has in her life. Living with her mother has never been easy and when she gets the chance to run, she does. But she pays for it over the next four years. Hunter, her on again-off again boyfriend seems to try everything he can to bring her world crashing down, waiting for her to bail him out yet again. When Georgia is asked to return home and photograph a family friends wedding she is thrown right back to that night on the river where she and Easton comforted one another. What she doesn’t know is that Easton has another woman in his life and when she finds out, all the hurt, anger and loss come crashing back down and she wants to run. Running is what she does best.

Easton has been through enough in his young life. He has one thing that matters more to him than anything else and will go to any length to protect her. Yet he has never let the memory of his night with Georgia on the river slip far from his mind. She is the one person who truly gets him, who truly sees him for the man that he is. Given the chance to make things right, he will fight to regain what that one night gave them and push for more. But when their ex’s step back into their lives will they be able to find the strength that they need to overcome the demons of their pasts? Will the small town they live in be enough for both of them to build a life together and call it home? Or will Georgia run again and be lost to Easton forever.

Friction has an awesome secondary cast of characters. We get to see a glympse of Wyatt and Harley again and the amazing Dornan family. Memphis is awesome as Georgia’s older brother, not to mention Truman and the rest of the hot firemen of Station 32.

Grab your copy and watch the story of Easton and Georgia unfold. Filled with some twists and turns, hurt, loss, anger, hatred and a whole lot of love, I could not put this one down.