Book Review: Fractured: Volume 2 (Fractured #2) by Alexis Noelle


How can you go on when you have lost everything?
When nothing matters.
No one matters.
Sometimes it takes a push from an unexpected source to help you realize what you’ve become.
Can a happily ever after really happen?
Or will the unexpected shatter everything around you?


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The worst happened, you know what we begged and pleaded to not be true happened. Now how to deal with the lost of the person you love the most. How can you go on when all you want to do is be with the love one who is now gone.

An unwanted visitor forces his or her way into her loss making her deal with it. Their goal is to help her return to normalcy. But what happens when that person becomes someone you lean on and feelings are developing. What happens next?
I cried so much in this short book. I felt a million different emotions and felt this person might help her move on. It is every military families  worse nightmare. Then Ms. Noelle leaves you shocked and gasping and screaming NO!! But why was I screaming no, I should be screaming YES! I can’t wait to see what happens next because I am seriously hooked and need to see how all this plays out. I don’t know what I want to happen but its all a mess now. Its so good you don’t know what’s going to happen next or what you want to happen. Just be warned MAJOR CLIFFHANGER!!! Go Read it, I dare You!!
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