Book Review: Fractured Volume 1 (Fractured #1) by Alexis Noelle


Nothing in life is ever fair.
There are wars we battle and face every day.
Some too close to home.
I had it all.
The perfect husband.
The perfect house.
The perfect…Everything.
Then one moment changed everything forever.


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Shay and Cam are an newly wed couple. Cam is the man of Shay’s dreams and Cam loves her just as much.  Cam is in the military and Shay is a writer. These two are deeply in love. Everything is going great until Cam get the call the changes everything. Cam has to leave to go on a mission he can’t talk about. Now every minute is the count down until he has to go. She wants to beg him to never leave her but she is now a military wife and has to learn what that role entales. Shay feels isolated because she doesn’t fit in with the other military wives and she spend her time writing because she has a major deadline coming up and she is hoping that this deadline can keep her busy until he returns and he will return because Cam promised to always return and he would never break a promise he made to Shay…

This is a book thats title is so fitting because it left my heart ” Fractured”.   Just thinking about this story and writing this review has me a blubbing mess. This is a story of love that will melt your heart and then have you feel it break into a thousands of pieces with the cliff hanger that leaves you dying and hoping that you think might happen doesn’t really happen. 

I was hooked from the very start.  I felt the love between Shay and Cam and fell in love with this couple! I loved that Shay was so down to earth and Cam was so in love with her. It makes my heart melt. I know the next book is going to fracture my heart beyond repair but I am still dying to read it regardly of the tears that will be shed I am hooked and have my box of tissues ready!!
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