Book Review – Fourth Down by Kirsten DeMuzio

Fourth Down





During the biggest football game of his life, Ford Walsh makes a split second decision that will change his life. For the worse. Three years later, Ford is still stuck in that moment – when his leg was broken and his dreams along with it. Not able to move on, Ford trudges through his life, each day more depressing than the last.

Poppy Mitchell has dreams of being a doctor, and she will work night and day to get there. Sweet, focused, and hard working, Poppy forges ahead when obstacles get in her way. When circumstances bring them together, Ford and Poppy develop an unlikely friendship. As they grow closer, Ford is faced with another fourth down decision. Will he go after his old dreams when given the chance? Will Poppy sacrifice her dreams for his? Or will she let him go?

**This book is recommended for a mature audience, age 18 and older, due to language and explicit content.


Four stars of I want to do it on the endzone (just sayin)

Can a split minute decision change the course of your life?  When Ford makes that decision it alters his perception of what he was suppose to do with his life. Football is all Ford knows, it’s what he love to do. Fords mother had to work two jobs to support Fords dream of playing the game he loves.  What happens when that dream is taking away from you? Ford has a career ending injury that takes away his dream of playing in the NFL. Feeling like he made the wrong split minute decision he feels like he let his mother down as well losing his dream…. Three years later he’s bartending back at home taking care of his mother who has cancer
Fate collides ….

Poppy is a college girl going to school to be a doctor. She works as an aide to terminally ill patients while trying to finish school and teaches yoga. The loss of her father to cancer at such a young age gave her the direction to become a doctor. When she gets forced to go out for Halloween she gets much more then she bargained for.

Not even 21 Poppy’s best friend try’s to get her to drink, losen up a bit, when asked for her ID she feels like she’s never has before when her eyes meet Fords …

Turns out the girl from the bar is now his mothers home care aide. All Ford can see is anger .. Angry about football, his mother , now a girl who was trying to drink underage at his bar is now taking care of his mother … Not happening

Not if his mother has anything  to say about it ..

She loves Poppy and wants her to stay, she makes Ford apologize for his rude behavior. He goes to apologize and winds up taking the yoga class she teaches.

“Oh you can’t get rid of me that easily,sweetheart thanks for the workout. I’ll see you tomorrow” ~ Ford

Well if that isn’t sexual tension ….

There worlds intertwine they are so good for each other but can there growing relationship handle heartbreak .. Distance

“Make no mistake. I want to kiss you from the moment you walked into the bar in that ridiculous school girl costume. Even when I was pissed at you for helping my mom, I wanted to kiss you. And to night when u defended my honor to a guy three times your size I wanted to kiss you. There is not a second that goes by when I am around you that I don’t want to grab you and kiss the hell out of you, Poppy”

Read this fantastic story it makes you realize what’s important in your life no matter what decisions you make!!



5 Heartwarming Star Review

It is not often that I read a book about the male character being the one who is more broken than the female lead.  In Fourth Down, you meet Ford Walsh. College football superstar, looking to head to the NFL, when a split second decision ends his football career. Now, he has headed back home to Penn Yan, New York, to recover and try to find some sort of normal life.  Ford is working as a bartender at The Last Call. And taking care of his mom, who has cancer.  Hoping that he can be there to help her through the worst of it.  She is all he has left. His father left when he was just ten and his mother has worked two jobs ever since to provide for him.  She wanted to give him his dream.  When the doctors give her only months to live, Ford is devastated.  What more heartache is in his future?

Halloween night, finds him tending bar, when Poppy Mitchell approaches with her friend, who is trying to buy drinks for both of them.  What Ford doesn’t know is that she is underage and she is also the home health aide that his mom has just hired to help her out.  When Angela, (Poppy’s bff) attempts to cause a scene, Poppy leaves.  Being embarrassed is one thing, but to have it done in front of a guy who she thinks is gorgeous is a whole other ball game.  Ford has caught her attention, which doesn’t happen to often.  She was cheated on by a past boyfriend and now she is in a relationship with her school work and her jobs.  She plans to become a doctor.  She also works as a yoga instructor. The busier she stays the better.  She doesn’t want to become derailed from her dream. 

When Ford and his mother return from her doctors appointment, he comes face to face with Poppy again.  But he is not very nice to her.  When his mom makes him go and apologize to her a few days later, he ends up taking her yoga class and they agree to try and be friends.  What develops between them is this amazing friendship, that continues to grow and evolve into more.  When Ford is offered a coaching position at the college he attended, he is hesitant about accepting.  He has yet to really examine his feelings for Poppy, but he wants her to go with him.  When she tells him no, will he be able to start over?  Will he be able to put the one truly good thing that has happened to him, behind him?  Or will he be able to bring himself to tell her how he really feels?  

Told from both Ford and Poppy’s POV, this is an amazing story about, friendship, loss and the love that two people have for one another and the choices that they make to try and be together.  Will Poppy and Ford get their HEA?  

I am a sucker for dual POV books.  This is the first book that I have read by Kirsten DeMuzio and it definitely will not be my last.  I found her characters to be well written.  Her writing flows well and you are drawn in from page one.  You feel the emotions of the characters.  Go and one click this one today!!!!!