Book Review – First Position by Prescott Lane






Emory faces life’s challenges at the one place that’s never failed her, the ballet barre. But even the barre can’t steady her when fate brings her face-to-face with her old college flame, Mason, who’s hoping to return to the NFL after a career-threatening injury. Before they can surrender to their sexual desires and find salvation in each other’s arms, they need to come to terms with their past. Mason must confront the demons that have set him on a path of self-destruction, while Emory must decide whether to keep her painful secrets locked away, or expose them and risk losing the love of her life. But nothing can prepare Mason for what Emory has kept hidden, or the possibility that he himself may be to blame for the very secrets she keeps – and why they continue to haunt her.

Angela’s 4 Star Review

The Ballerina: Emory Claire inspired to be the best ballerina, accepted to the finest school “The American Ballet”, dating her college sweetheart Daniel Mason, she had it all. Then things with Mason ended because of his NFL career and her choice to attend ballet school and become a prima ballerina. Emory’s dreams were shattered when she broke her ankle ending her dream of a dance career. It was the darkest time of her life. With no Mason or Ballet in her life after graduation she left her home and went to Europe to study photography.

The NFL Quarterback: Daniel Mason, he prefers to be called Mason, had everything in college the love of his life, his football career. Mason thought Emory would follow him after graduation once he was drafted by the NFL. She decided to follow her dreams not his and they ended up breaking up.

Fast forward six years later: Emory is now a child and maternity photographer, engaged to the perfect man Eric a doctor whom she loves but just not enough to settle down with him, her heart belongs to someone else Mason.

Mason is now an NFL quarterback recovering from a potential career ending injury to his shoulder. He’s being considered by teams in Charlotte, NC where Emory now lives and also Seattle. He’s also married to the biggest BITCH and is in the process of divorcing her. Alexis the wife will do anything to hold on to Mason, the money, and the status of being married to an NFL payer. She also knows she was Mason’s second choice and his heart has always been with Emory.

The Encounter: Gus ‘ Bar where Emory literally rammed into a hard body, Mason the one she still loves, the one who broke her heart. One look at each other …. the sparks were still there between them. From that moment on Mason knew he wanted Emory back after all she was the love of his life, he vowed to do anything to get her back.

After that day of seeing Mason all of Emory’s feelings, emotions, and the secret she has kept from him for the past six years all come back to the surface.

Can two broken souls rekindle there relationship….especially when one holds a secret that has the potential of destroying the other?

Is it possible to rebuild there relationship when they both harbor so much hurt?

Can Mason forgive Emory for the secret she has kept from him for six years?

Secondary characters in the story played a big part in Emory’s and Mason’s lives. Her best friend and roommate Wesley. Mason’s brother/manager Steven, his pregnant wife Olivia. Mason’s bitchy mother had a few scenes one in particular where she showed her true colors and defended her son.

This was a simple love story proving sometimes you never really do get over your first love.

Over all I would recommend First Position, the author portrayed both Mason’s and Emory’s feelings and emotion with depth. I was a little emotional myself during certain parts of the book