Book Review – Finally Us (True Love, #3) by Harper Bentley



They wanted forever… but is forever really their destiny?

When misunderstandings and unsavory characters get in their way, Ellen and Jag call it quits after nine years of being together. Now they find themselves in places with which they’re unaccustomed: Ellen is trying to get used to the idea of dating another man, having never gone out with anyone other than Jag, while Jag is coping with an injury and the loss of baseball, a game he’s played for most of his life. Neither is sure how to handle their new situation, but they’re dealing.

When a surprise trade lands Jag right back in the middle of things and right back into Ellen’s life, new boyfriend and all, can he keep his cool and prove to her that what they once had is what’s right? Does Ellen still carry a torch for her first love or has she already fallen for her new baseball player, making it too late for them to start again? 

The fight is on as Jag goes head-to-head with Ellen’s new love interest as he tries proving to her that their love deserves another shot. Can he win her back or is their dream of a perfect forever gone for good?

This is the third book of the True Love Trilogy.

Due to language and sexual content, this book is not recommended for readers under age 17

Stephannie Stephannie
5 Star Review

This is the third book in the True Love Triliogy. Ellen and Jag call it quits due to misunderstandings and people causing issues in their relationship.  Ellen is trying to move forward from Jag and thinking of dating which is hard because it is only ever been Jag for Ellen. Jag is dealing with a baseball injury and working hard to get back on the field again. He is also dealing without having Ellen in his life.
Jag gets traded and lands right back in Ellen’s life as she is moving on with a new boyfriend. Can Jag handle the situation while keeping his cool and try to prove to Ellen they are not over but that they are met for each other and deserves to give what they had another try. Can Jag convince Ellen that he deserves another shot and can he win another shot at her heart or is she moved on? 
I absolutely loved this series. It is a beautiful love story of two young kids who grow up together and fell in love. There are so many misunderstandings and issues caused by outsiders that cause these two so many problems. This is a great ending to a great story. I loved Jag and thought he finally saw the light and got a clue to the things that caused them issues. But does he figure it out too late? I guess you’ll have to read this book to find out how it ends. You’ll love Jag, he is a hot baseball player that loves Ellen but needs to   figure out how to make it work with Ellen. Great book !