Book Review: Fight For You (MMA Darkness #1) by Charisse Spiers

Fight For YouSynopsis

To fight and win means the control is his and only his. The last man standing proves it all. Never again will he be on the losing end of the blow, the one lying broken and bloody wanting to die. 

Control. Dominance. Aggression. Competition. Each represent a means to survival, a necessity to stay alive, and to suppress the demons that lie inside; the very ones clawing and attempting to break free from the bar that holds them at bay. Every day is a struggle to stay away from the darkness and evil that lurks deep within. Those are the things that it takes to keep those secrets in the realm of his mind in which they belong, forever buried so far there is no chance to break through the barrier he’s built. 

Haddox Hayes has spent the last nine years getting by. He’s worked hard to forget that bloodthirsty night he left behind. The monster that exists within his veins will never be released again if he keeps a clear mind, and free from the debris he knows triggers his instinct to kill. He knows what can happen if it’s unlocked from its cage.

Fuck that. It can go to Hell along with the bastard that is the cause of his eternal torment. Eighteen years paid his sin, and at the age of twenty-seven the guilt still resides in his very core.

There is only one place he sets the monster free, but restricted: the ring. Playing by his rules has kept it on a leash for nine years and he doesn’t intend to break his rules now. The rage, the anger, the buildup, it’s all turned out in the confinement of the ropes against another traitor. 

Stay in control. That’s the only thing that keeps his urge to annihilate smothered. Dominate the mind and the memories it holds. Fight aggression with fucking aggression. Be the best there is and lay his ass on the ground before the favor can be returned. Compete to win and to survive, or else the evil that is trying to consume will take over and turn him into the one thing he can’t become. If he becomes that, it has to be paid by death, the most ultimate rule. 

A blackened heart isn’t allowed to partake in something as pure as love. He embraces the sweet nectar that a woman holds, sampling a little at a time. Never has he taken the same woman to bed twice. The only way to ensure he doesn’t harm another. A Dom in the ring and a Dom in the bed, his only way to cope within.

Then there’s Piper…the girl that could cause his control to evanesce. Will she be his downfall or his reparation? The entertainment is in the fight. Fight for love, fight for light, fight for her, or end in flight. 

A girl with a ban against love, allowing men to bed her to numb her mind from the one that left her behind. Can the girl that won’t submit and the man that requires control find paradise in each other?



Fight for You (MMA Darkness, #1) by Charisse Spiers is the very first book by her I’ve read. It was amazing the story was beautifully written, and not to mention I’m a sucker for an alpha male who just so happens to be a MMA fighter. Also the story is told in duel POV, and its a standalone, no dreaded cliffhangers.

Haddox Hayes life growing up was heartbreaking to say the least, as a child he had no love his father was a piece of shit, his mother left him. Left with only his father the one person who’s suppose to love and protect you, is the very same person showing you so much hate and abuse. Those parts of the story were so heartbreaking to read and made me cry, no child should ever experience that kind of hate and abuse from a parent. Through all of this Haddox had a best friend Breanna he could depend on and she on him, but she also had her own nightmare that she was living.

Haddox and Breanna finally get away from the ones hurting them, Haddox insists Breanna go her separate way, attend college, get a job, live your life and get your happy ending.

Haddox grew up to become a professional fighter and one sexy ass domineering alpha male, with so much anger in him the ring is the best place to unleash it. With only knowing hate Haddox doesn’t do love, no relationship’s either, he only sleeps with woman when he wants, where he wants, and it’s only a one time deal never sleep with the same woman twice. Trust for him doesn’t come easy, there are only few people in his life he does trust Reese another fighter, Alyvia his best friend who is absolutely an amazing woman, and Marlin and Kaitlyn who not only are his other best friends but the only family he’s ever had. They are the ones who truly know the real Haddox and are always by his side no matter what.

Enter Piper who’s beautiful, smart, spunky, she comes from a family of wealth, and also no love, her parent’s treat her like shit and her ex Cole comes and goes in her life like a revolving door. Piper and Alyvia are roommates/friends both attending fashion school together.

Haddox and Piper first meet at a fashion show that Alyvia drags him to, their encounter is hot of the charts hot, of course Alyvia has her concerns and voices her opinion to Haddox and tells him to stay away from Pier, because of the way he is with woman, and Piper doesn’t need another guy hurting her.

Haddox tries to stay away but he can’t he’s drawn to her like a magnet, there’s something about her and having her only once is out of the question, he wants more with her. Haddox has doubts he’s never wanted anything but a one time deal with a woman until Piper. The more time they spend together Haddox comes to realizes he’s not the only one who is broken, Piper is as well. He wants to be that man she can depend on and he on her, she gives him a sense of hope, and being wanted something he’s never had and wants it now with her.

“Maybe it’s a coincidence and I was tired of living in a world of gray, or maybe I needed my polar opposite that was just as broken and numb to help me revive me, but either way I want more Piper. I’m welcoming the beat, because for the first time I’m starting to feel alive.”

Haddox and Piper sexual connection is threw the roof HOT, Haddox’s sex talking will have your panties melting in a matter of seconds.

You have to love a man who possessive, dominant, sexy as sin, and knows how to please a woman and that’s none other than Haddox Hayes.

This is a story about heartbreak, betrayal, abuse, loneliness, guilt, where two broken people come from two totally different worlds. It’s about learning to forgive and move on from the past, finding the good in each other and accepting what the other person has to give you, and last learning to accept love and give it back because you both come to realize that’s what most important in life.

“I was lost, but you found me. Now I’m asking you to promise that you’ll stay.”