Book Review: Easy Virtue (Virtue #1) by Mia Asher

Easy Virtue

Title: Easy Virtue

Series: Virtue #1

Author: Mia Asher

Release: December 2, 2014


Love is selfish…

My name is Blaire.
I’m the bad girl.
The other woman.
The one who never gets the guy in the end.

I’m the gold digger.
The bitch.
The one no one roots for.
The one you love to hate.

I hate myself too…

Everyone has a story. Are you ready for mine?


Ranking: 4 stars

Mia Asher is a brilliant writer who I stand up and applaud. Her debut novel, Arsen: A Broken Love Story was my absolute favorite read of 2013 and I knew she was someone to put on my read everything by list and I am glad I did that because I really enjoyed Easy Virtue. I didn’t get much of the back story on the EV so I wasn’t exactly sure what I was getting myself into and yes the ending left my jaw hanging but let’s see how I got to that point. It’s kind of like a love triangle but not really.

Growing up Blaire had the complete opposite of a great and loving childhood. Her mother didn’t know how to truly love and in return Blaire was denied the one thing that every child should have. After her parents split up she was left in the middle not knowing if either one really truly ever loved her. Growing up a little chubby was not something that a young girl would want due to being picked on, on a daily basis. Fast-forward and Blaire is now a beautiful and desirable girl on the outside but a cold and lifeless girl on the inside. Knowing she wants nothing to do with love because deep down she feels like it doesn’t exist, she uses her assets when it comes to the opposite sex to get what she wants without feelings playing in the mix.

Finally after turning 18, young Blair sets out for the big city to put her powers to work and be the gold digging bitch she knows she truly is. She uses men for their money and her body is up for the auction block. The bigger the bank account the more attraction she is to them. She doesn’t do love or feelings all she sees is money. I felt deep down the scared and hurt little girl Blaire once was is dying to come out and learn how life truly can be, how love can make someone sore. There were times that I hated her because of the way she would reel men in and break them down and at other times my heart broke for her, for the old scared Blaire that never knew what true and unconditional love felt like.

“Tonight I’m not going to make love to you, Blaire. I’m going to own you. Do you hear me?”

When Blaire first meets gentleman #1, Ronan, I truly felt like this was the man that would break her walls down and show her for maybe the first time in her entire life the real meaning of love and security. The first glimpse of how wonderful love could be with the right person. He is everything you could ever want in a man, Gentle, loving, strong, and handsome as sin. He will whisper sweet nothings in your ear when you need to hear them the most and then be the alpha naughty man you want so badly in the bedroom. He truly is the greatest all around package wrapped in a very naughty/nice bow.

“One day, you’re going to fall in love with a man and I hope he breaks your heart, Blaire. When that happens, you’ll know what kind of pain you’re capable of inflicting, and maybe then you’ll grow heart and hopefully find your humanity.”

Blaire brought out my anger so many times during Easy Virtue. I understood her to a point but than what she does to Ronan seriously put my panties in a twist, shoved them up my ass to where they were just really uncomfortable and than just left them there and walked away. I was fuming mad. My heart was broken for Ronan. I found that I quickly became attached to him as a character because the way Mia wrote him, may him easy to fall in love with.

Now let’s meet Lawrence who Blaire met early on in Easy Virtue but was reunited with him later on and Lawrence and Blaire could create their very own story with the sexual energy that runs between them too.   Lawrence knows Mia, the one that she lets people see anyway. She wants something from him and he wants something from her. Lawrence is dark and mysterious and utterly sexy. He tells you exactly what he wants and plans to take it. The relationship that Lawrence is offering is exactly what Blaire is looking for and she grabs onto it.

Now I must say, as I mentioned above that Lawrence is a bit mysterious, well I feel he is hiding something, I can’t figure it out yet and of course Mia didn’t put anything out there in Easy Virtue but he is most definitely hiding something, maybe a secret paste, or an alterative motive, but there is something there that he doesn’t want Blaire to know, and Mia doesn’t want the readers to know, just yet. Lawrence is all business and complex and sexy and commanding and total opposite from Ronan but yes my friend he is most definitely hiding something and I can’t wait to figure out what it is.

There were a few shocks that came along with Easy Virtue, and of course the big shocker of all I didn’t see coming from a mile away. I had been furious with Blaire almost the entire story but what Mia did to me at the end quickly squashed that and had my glare turned towards her, in a good way. The stories I have read by Mia Asher have a way of pulling out every emotion you hold inside. She pulls you into the story and makes you take a vested interest in the characters. You want to know them, feel them, own them and that’s exactly what she did with Easy Virtue. Now that my jaw is still lying on the floor, I need book 2 – HURRY!

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