Book Review: Crashing Tides by Casey Peeler

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You can predict the tides but not the changes they make. Gunnison Del Valle was the current in the tide that was about to change my life.

Crash one we met.

Crash two we fell in love.

Crash three changed our perfectly planned lives forever.

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Marleigh, “Gunnison Del Valle was the current in the tide that was about to change my life.”
“Crash one we met; Crash two we fell in love; Crash three changed our perfectly planned lives forever”.
In just one week during spring break, Marleigh Anderson and Gunnison “GC” del Valle met and fell hard for each other. It was like fate that they planned to attend the same college after their senior year. The plan was for them to stay in touch and be together once they got to college. It was only one year.  Marleigh discovered something  that changes things. She doesn’t want to but she decides to puts an end to their young love affair, GC is devastated.GC has never forgotten Marleigh. But he has to move forward that doesn’t mean he has ever loved anyone after her. He’s in college and playing basketball and when he realizes that Marleigh is now at the very same college. He must find out why she ended their relationship. GC finds out what Marleigh’s secret, his life begins to change. What will happen between these two long lost loves? 

This is a good book about an young couple who fall and love and make the mistakes that young people do. I want to yell at Marliegh that she is making an mistake. But teenagers think they know everything and that is what happens she doesn’t listen to her family and does what she thinks is right. I hurt for GC, his love for Marleigh is so beautiful. He never really moves on and I love when characters have those kind of feelings. Its deep and I love it. 

The story is good and it would be a fun beach read. It has a twist and the characters have to deal with this twist. Its was enjoyable and I would recommend it to anyone who loves YA type books.


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Meet the Author

be9dd-caseyauthorpicCasey Peeler grew up and still lives in North Carolina with her husband and daughter. Her first passion is teaching students with special needs. Over the years, she found her way to relax was in a good book.

After reading Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neal Hurston her senior year of high school and multiple Nicholas Sparks’ novels, she found a hidden love and appreciation for reading.

Casey is an avid reader, blogger (Hardcover Therapy), and author. Her perfect day consists of water, sand between her toes, a cold beverage, and a great book!

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