Book Review: Closer (A Billionaire Romance) by Aria Hawthorne

Title: Closer
Series: Billionaire Romance Novel
Author: Aria Hawthorne
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Release Date: October 12, 2015
Contemporary Erotic Romance – Suitable for mature readers; 18+ years only – Full-length, stand-alone novel with HEA.

Famous Dutch architect, Sven van der Meer, has just completed the greatest achievement of his professional life–the design and construction of The Spire, Chicago’s tallest, most controversial skyscraper. But a shameful secret threatens to destroy his prestigious career–he’s losing his eyesight. Now, he’s run out of time and the only woman qualified to help maintain his charade of invincibility is also the one woman who despises him and The Spire. And he’s fairly certain she’s hiding something as well. Will the fiery, but enchanting Miss Sanchez be the right woman to play the role of his pretend girlfriend? Or will the temptation of getting too close, too fast jeopardize their business arrangement and the future of his entire career?

When twenty-eight-year-old, woefully unemployed, Inez Sanchez, arrives to her interview with hotter-than-hell billionaire architect, Sven van der Meer–mastermind behind The Spire–she quickly realizes his job proposition isn’t what she was anticipating. He’s hiding a life-changing secret, one that could ruin his career as the most influential architect in the world, and he’s willing to pay her five thousand dollars a day–just to help him keep it. Will she accept his offer to become his “pretend girlfriend” for the next four days in order to ensure the success of the most important week of his life? Or will her sassy flair for independence and smartass sarcasm keep her from submitting to his stern authoritative commands, no matter how sexy his European accent might be? And what will happen when he discovers she’s hiding a secret, too–one that could threaten the stability of their arrangement and prevent her from getting too close to the one man in the world who might be capable of gaining her trust…
4 star review

First, let me start off by saying that this is a new author to me. But I was surprised with the overall story. I fell in love the characters of Sven and Inez. Each have a way of drawing you in to their lives and making you want to know more from the very beginning.

Sven Van De Meer has a secret and if it is found out it could ruin his career as an architect. He is going blind, yes you heard me right, blind. That is why he has hired Inez Sanchez to be his assistant, well to the public she is his girlfriend. She is hired to help him transition into the world of being blind, but to keep everything in his life the same, including his job. What he doesn’t count on is developing feeling for her, but will she return those feelings or will she turn out like every other woman that he has cared for in his life?

Inez Sanchez has been given the opportunity to make a lot of money very fast to be able to take care of her family, but what she doesn’t plan on is the attraction she feels toward Sven. Although with everything she has been through in the past with her ex-boyfriend, Inez is not quick to let her feelings show. But when she sees past the wall that Sven has erected to keep everyone out will Inez change her mind and let him in or will he disappoint her as well?