Book Review: Captive Films: Season One by Jillian Dodd


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SynopsisMeet Riley Johnson.

CEO of Captive Films.

Seriously Single.

There could never be a realty show about my life. 
It’d just be work and sex.
Lots and lots of sex.
No breakups. 
No fights with friends. 
Zero drama.
Drama’s for the movies.
Not for me. 
I’m Riley Johnson. 
I’ve got it all. 
Brand new jet. Exotic cars. Luxury penthouse. Black card. A different aspiring star (or two) every night. 
I run Captive Films.
Where we leaving you begging for more. 
Or maybe that’s just me.
My life is perfect. 

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5 Star Review

Riley Johnson is a very hot and sexy, CEO of Captive Films but most important thing is that he is single. He dates if you can call it that, its more like hooking up without the strings and every girl has a expiration date. His life is perfect with no drama and no strings that is until she walks back into Riley life. Now what happens when your face to face with the girl who broke you?
This is the first book in the Captive Films series and it follows all the major characters from The Keatyn Chronicles series. This book starts with Riley going back between telling us about his past and present day. Keatyn also has her own POV and it brings me to tears remembering all the wonderful moments between her and her moon man. The book is written so it can be read as a standalone but I personally wouldn’t dream of recommending not reading the The Keatyn Chronicles first because I loved it.. #ifly Jillian Dodd because she writes amazing books that hook you and you must read it.
 The format is similar to a TV series and different from anything I have read. This book is season one episode one and there will be 6 episodes in each season. I love that the books are told from different characters POV. I also love that with aging of the characters from teenagers in The Keatyn Chroncles to late twenties that their relationship has evolved from a YA type of book to more of a NA type of book. This makes this series hot!
I loved this book ! It was short but left me wanting more. I love all the memorable things that made my heart get butterflies in The Keatyn Chroncles have all been perfectly retold or in flash back form in Captive Films 1.1 . I laughed, cried and felt major butterflies and it was only the first book. I love the older hotter Riley and I want to find out more of what happen with Riley and the girl who broke him creating a manwhore who is hot and sexy and women just beg him for a piece of him.
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5 Star Review
This weeks episode features Riley and Ariela and is written in dual alternating povs between these two. 

Ariela’s is now in the same town as Riley, but she isn’t ready to see him just yet. When Ariela runs into an old friend and is invited over she walks in and sees Riley. The meeting doesn’t go well because Riley still has feeling for her but doesn’t want to and is stunned to find her there.  

I really love this series probably because I am in love with these characters and can’t get enough of them. Jillian is an amazing writer who is always leaving you wanting more. I know these are short but I love this style of books because its new and different. Each book leaves you waiting impatiently for the next episode. There are always twists and turns that you never see coming. Can’t wait for Captive Films 1.3 
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5 Star Review
This episode has multiple povs: Riley, Ariela, Keatyn, Dawson and Vanessa. Riley doesn’t want anything to do with Ariela, she broke his heart so he will never forget her leaving him. Ariela’s realizes she made a mistake and comes to California in the hopes of winning Riley backDawson comes back and we get a small glimpse into what has been going on with him. But there are a few questions that aren’t answered about his life. Vanessa also is in the picture and we see her role. There is also a little about how the business is run.

This episode just like the others  because it moves quickly. It feels like a tv show series and that makes each book short but very enjoyable and well worth reading. There was some funny parts in this one that made me laugh.   Plus these character all have sex appeal that makes people want to know more about them. I am seriously hooked and can’t wait to see who is in the next episode  and what happens next. 
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5 Star Review
In this episode there again are multiple povs: Riley, Dawson,Vanessa and Keatyn. Riley makes a new “friend” that might be more than a hookup.  Dawson and Vanessa are hanging out per Keatyn suggestion. Wonder what will happen with these two?  Ariela in this episode is staying with a new friend and dealing with her soon to be ex husband and could be possibly hired to plan an event. Dawson and Riley reconnet which gives more backstory but not all the answers. It makes you wonder, what the whole story is?
This episode is building with just two more episodes left in this season, there are some things happening but not everything is revealed to us yet. So we are left wondering and getting more drawn into these characters and what will happen with them. This episode leaves you saying WHAT?!? To be continued…
Releasing December 16, 2014
5 Star Review
This episode has multiple povs: Riley, Dawson,Ariela, Keatyn and Vanessa. Riley and his new friend are hanging out in a hotel room, What will happen with these two?  Dawson reflects on things Vanessa has told him and decide now is not the time to tell her. But now isn’t the time.  Ariela and Keatyn plan a trip to Sonoma. Ariela has a phone call with her dad and information as to why Ariela left Riley starts to surface. Keatyn films sex scenes in the studio. Many people are gathered at Aiden and Keatyn home but there are some surprise guests on their way that might cause some fireworks. 
This episode sets the stage for the last episode in this season. There are alot of things being discovered and as a reader I can see the fire miles away. The next book is going crazy and full of drama. 
Releasing December 23, 2014
5 Star Review
All the same characters have povs in this episode. This one is full of drama . Everything is coming to ahead and there is going to be a major fallout. Things are very awkward in this episode. The surprise guests cause a stir and truths are discovered. There will be tears, laughs and by the end I am screaming for this series to continue. I need to find out what happens next. There is a major cliffhanger that leaves you ranting and screaming NO! There has to be a Captive Films 2.1 because Jillian leaves you begging and pleading for more. Once you have read these 6 books you will be hooked there is no doubt in my mind that you will love this series. 
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