Book Review – Cadillac (Low-Low #1) by A. Vasquez





This is a standalone novel.

After the death of her sister, Renee Davis is rebuilding her life. She has sworn of bad boys, and anyone who reminds her of the man who killed Hailey. Fate has other plans when she sets eyes on the epitome of what she had tried so hard to stay away from; Isaac. 

Isaac Ramirez is tatted up, Mexican man who drives a Cadillac. He is a member of San Diego’s exclusive car club, the “Low-Low’s”. When he sets his eyes on Renee, he is determined to have her. 

They have an intense and instant connection, but circumstances of the past and present make them question their relationship.

Lies are told.

Tears are cried.

Wounds are reopened.

Will love be lost or can they overcome their obstacles?


5 Star Review

There are no words to explain how much I love this book!  I was lucky enough to get to beta read this amazing story and  I fell in love with Isaac and Renee from the very beginning.  A. Vasquez’s writing style is perfect!  She makes you feel the characters emotions so you are connected to them.  It is a very real life story that grabs you and will never let go.   I know you will be a huge fan of hers once you read this book!  
“I wasn’t one to believe in love at first sight, but he might have just changed that for me.”
Renee Davis has been busy rebuilding her life.  She has finally decided to move forward after the death of her sister.  Moving to a new town, going to school, and swearing off bad boys is just part of her plan.  But sometimes no matter how hard you try to avoid it, fate has other plans. 
“Opening the door, I almost fell to the ground.  This was just what I needed, the light in my darkness, the heaven in my hell, the rain in my drought.  My Renee.”
While working at the ER one night, Renee meets Isaac Ramirez when his brother is brought in with a gunshot wound.  She can tell he is the epitome of a bad boy just by looking at him, but there is some strange connection between them.  Renee is convinced it is just because she knows what it feels like to lose someone. 
“Baby, you had me at the car show.  Shit, you probably even had me in the ER.  And you most definitely have me now.  I’m not going anywhere.”
One look at Isaac and you are convinced he is a bad boy.  He is covered in tattoos, drives a Cadillac, runs a shop with his brothers, and is a member of the “Low-Low’s”, San Diego’s exclusive car club.  When he notices Renee in the ER he knew he wanted her. But when he saw her at the car show, he no longer wanted her. . .he HAD to have her! 
“She was just like my Cadillac.  Clean, Classy, Hottest thing in town, and all mine.  I couldn’t wait to take her for a cruise.”
They have off the charts chemistry and an amazing connection.  Neither one of them has ever felt this intense of a connection with anyone else.  But when lies are told and secrets are kept, eventually the truth will come out and hearts will be shattered. Can they overcome their pasts and make a future?  Or are some wounds just too deep?
“You are stuck with me.” I said kissing him quickly on the lips before adding, “Like a bad tattoo, there’s no getting rid of me once you got me.  And you my man, have got me.”
From the moment you finish this book you will want to reread it.  It is beautiful, emotional, healing, loving, heartbreaking, sexy and everything in between!  You will not be disappointed!  I will be a forever fan of A. Vasquez and can’t wait for more from her! Congratulations on your debut novel!  Loved every word!