Book Review: Behind His Walls by B.L. Mooney


Sometimes there are monsters hiding in the people we love. Monsters we don’t see until it’s too late. As a psychologist to abuse victims, I see the damage those monsters can cause every day and the hell the women go through to regain their lives.

My experiences in life are a double-edged sword. Without them, I wouldn’t understand the women who seek my professional help. Having them has ruined me for any woman. I refuse to let history repeat itself. I know the statistics of what should become of me, but I’m fighting the monster inside of me every day.
I can’t turn my back on any woman who needs my help, and Dr. Lindsey Perkins is no exception. With an escaped convict she helped put away after her, she needs my protection more than anyone. But when she gets too close, who’s going to save her from me?
I’ve built these walls for a reason. A reason Lindsey is determined to uncover. It’s better for her to only know me as Dr. Hatcher and leave Joseph behind the walls.


Dr. Joesph Hatcher is a psychologist to abused victims.  Its a passion he has because he has his own experiences that makes him able to relate to his patients.  His past gives him an understanding that other psychologists might not have. So he understands the women who seek my professional help.
His past also has ruined me for any woman. He won’t I let history repeat itself. He understands the statistics and he fears them.  He is fighting the monster he feels is lurking inside of him. 
He won’t turn his back on any woman who needs his help; its his job but its deeper than that.  Dr. Lindsey Perkins a colleague is no exception. 
Dr. Lindsey Perkins is an psychologist who shares office space with Joesph. An ex patient escaped jail is after her, she needs protection and Joesph is determine to be the one to protect her. But in helping her will she gets too close?   If history repeats itself; she might need protection from me.
Joesph built these walls for a reason to protect himself and anyone women who got close. Lindsey is determined to break my walls down. But It’s better if she  only know me as Dr. Hatcher and leaves Joseph behind the walls.
Will she break downs Joesph’s walls? What happens if she does?
This book can be read as a standalone. But there are 3 books about a few of Dr. Joesph Hatcher patients. Striving for Normal, Striving for Perfection and Striving for Acceptance. 
I loved this book. I connected with Joesph and loved his need to protect any and every women who needs him. He is caring, but strong with a dark side. He is a hot alpha man with a heart. He just doesn’t realize it. His heart is behind a wall because he fears to love or fall in love with a women. His past has messed him up and he really needs therapy himself. Which is funny because while he is protecting Lindsey she grows on him and is actually the therapy he needs if he just lets her. 
Its a story with danger lurking with this escaped crazy man after Lindsey. So your on pins and needles hoping everything turns out alright. I want the HEA for Joesph and Lindsey. I loved this book and couldn’t put it down. Great book. Go One click it! 


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