Book Review – Bad Boy Dom (El Diablo Series #6) by Holly S. Roberts




Blazing male eyes follow her every move, longing for the chance to dominate, while desiring the beautifully hot erotic shell god graced her with. They never look below the surface and into Angela’s scorched heart.

Rock-n-Roll superstar Krispin Righteous walked into Club El Diablo, looked around, and saw what every man fantasized about. His need to dominate, splintered by drugs and alcohol, re-emerged after rehab, and helped him gain undeniable strength. That strength focused on the broken little bird, begging for release from the cage of her memories. Guarded by a fierce she-cat Domme, Lydia is ready to scratch out the eyes of any man unwilling to take “No” for an answer. 

Can two wounded warriors find love in each other arms? And, can the ultimate Bad Boy Dom win the girl?

Author’s Note: This is book 6 in the Club El Diablo Series and though it can be read out of order it has continuing interaction with Damian and Lydia from Book I: One Dom at a Time.



Holly Roberts is the queen of true BDSM relationships.  Her El Diablo series is pure ecstasy and leaves you wanting more.  The story of Bad Boy Dom is more of the BDSM that we love getting from Holly.  About 2 people with an extreme amount of baggage finding their way in life and learning to live with the demons of their past.

Krispin is a rock n roll god who likes total submission.  After having gotten himself clean and freshly out of rehab he makes his way back to Club El Diablo in search for something more, something meaningful.  What he doesn’t plan on is falling for someone else’s sub.

Angela is broken and not easily put back together.  Her heart shattered years ago, she needs constant care and dominance.  Pain is what she craves to know that she is still breathing and her heart is in fact still beating in her chest.  Sheltered by Lydia, the head mistress of El’ Diablo, Angela knows that this is what she wants for her life.  Care, attention, love, and the power to give her submission knowing it’s in good hands.  After meeting Krispin something inside her shifts, leaving her wanting more.  Leaving her wanting a true D/s relationship and for the first time in forever she is willing to try and go after it.

Can Angela truly let herself fall in hopes that Krispin will catch her?  Does Krispin truly have his addictions under control or will one slip cause him to hurt yet another sub?  Or will Krispin and Angela finally find what they have been looking for in each other and health the wounds of their past together?

“We can fill the cracks Angela.  I’m not asking for anything but today; one hour, maybe an evening, and then I’ll ask again.  I come with baggage.  You come with baggage.  Maybe our clothes can mingle for a while and iron out a few wrinkles.”

If you are looking for a true gritty and dirty BDSM book than this one is for you.  Start from the very beginning of the El Diablo series and devour them.  Something about the way Holly Roberts writes that pulls me into the story as I am living it out in true life.  She has a way with words that makes you feel everything the characters are feeling.  Her stories are not for the faint of heart that can’t handle true BDSM, yes we all love Christian Grey but sadly that is not the extreme that BDSM can take you.  Wipes and chains alike, there is so much more to the relationship between and Dom and a submissive.

There really aren’t words to describe how in tune Holly gets with this lifestyle; you have to read it to believe it.  She takes the words off the pages and brings them to life.  She is the master of BDSM in my eyes and her brilliance continues to shine in every book I read of hers.  The characters are dynamic and complex with issues that would leave me immobile.  Somehow, someway their lifestyle and the people around them help them heal and they always find what they seek out.

Not only does Holly bring us grit and kink in Bad Boy Dom but she throws in a bit of humor just when we need it.

Angela reached the count of twenty.  Lydia lifted a paddle from her toy bag and placed it in my hand. 

“Give her ten,” she said, “and then take good care of my sub or I’ll feed your stiff dick to my dog.”

There really isn’t a way for me to describe the amazing work that Holly puts on paper you just need experience it for yourself.  I will say I have read a lot of her work, numerous novels in the El Diablo series and her full Completion Series and she has never disappointed me yet.  She is brilliant, a piece of genius that I get to enjoy over and over again.