Book Review – Always Beautiful by M.K. Oien

Always Beautiful



My name is Lucille Marie Harris, but everyone calls me Lucky. 
My life was planned out by me, for me. I wanted nothing more than to finish school and have my dream job. I let nothing or no one stand in the way of that. That is until I met Zeppelin Rhoades. He had a way of changing me; turning my world upside down and making me feel reckless.

This is the tale of a summer romance that changes the course of two people’s lives forever.

You think you know how this story ends, but you have no idea. It isn’t always about where we end up. It’s about how we get there.

One person can change your life forever. 

Zeppelin Rhoades changed mine.

Angela’s 5 Star Review


“You know how people say that life isn’t always beautiful? To me, I think life is always beautiful. Things can suck sometimes and shit happens, but if you try hard enough, you find the beauty in the ugly.”

Twenty one year old Lucille Harris (she prefers to be called by her nickname Lucky) moved from her hometown of Medford to Portland to attend college. She moved in with her cousin Dixon, she was studying to become a Cytotechnologist (examining the changes in cells).Lucky was also going to be close to her best friend Hannah. Lucky also loved fast cars hers included 1966 Coronet 500 it was her baby. She also loved drag racing and had done it herself numerous times. Lucky had her life planned out, she had to prepare for school and dreams to work on. She had no other time for anything else. Those plans did not include one Zeppelin Rhodes.

Zeppelin Rhodes (named after the famous band Led Zeppelin), bad boy, covered in multi colored tattoos, blue eyes, killer smile. He also had a passion for cars his 1967 cherry red Pontiac GTO, he was also an underground fighter and enjoyed drag racing. Zeppelin moved back to Portland after attending school for business in Seattle. Zeppelin did not plan for the future he was the type of guy who lives in the moment.

“Damn, he is hot! Yeah he is. Like serious lady boner over here.”

June 2012(summer) is when Lucky first meets Zeppelin….there first encounter occurred when Zeppelin came to the apartment looking for Dixon, you could say they were both instantly attracted to one another, his eyes traveled down her body and back up. Her face flamed up after being caught for checking him out as well. Little did they know that this summer encounter would forever change there lives.

Everything was perfect between Lucky and Zeppelin, they shared there love for cars, racing, spending time with there friends, you could say they were inseparable. Lucky began to notice a change in Zeppelin’s mood, he seemed off, when questioned he would say he was fine. Lucky began to wonder what he was hiding and why he couldn’t trust her. She started to question herself, the relationship, was what they felt for one another not important enough for him to share with her.

“I’m not sure I can do this. You’re all I think about and god, I’ve imagined this more times than I can count. What if I’m not good enough, what if I don’t make you feel good?”

“You have my heart Angel, you own every shitty part of me. I don’t want you, I fucking need you.”

What is Zeppelin hiding from Lucky? You think you may have a feeling of what it is, I was completely wrong to what I thought it was.

How will the secret affect Lucky…can she move past it and forgive Zeppelin? Can there relationship survive and move past it?

Always Beautiful was just that Beautiful, it deserves more than five stars. A well written story that starts out in present time and then moves to the past, you’ll learn how a summer romance changed the lives of two people, how one person always had her life planned out and how someone can come into that life and change it forever. Keep some tissue near by your going to need it during some emotional parts.

“Life really was always beautiful in some way.”