Book Review – Almost Too Far (Almost Bad Boys Series #3) by A.O. Peart

Almost Too Far Cover




A martini glass of sizzling romance, a jigger of suspense and crime, perfectly shaken with a twist of wacky humor.

Where would you draw the line between love and justice? 

When Colin’s feisty great grandma Helga mysteriously disappears, Natalie and the gun-toting Svetlana rush to the rescue. With the help of Russian mafia goons and Natalie’s girlfriends, they get more than they bargained for. Natalie invites trouble into her life all over again. She could find herself questioned by the police, or worse, her relationship with Colin could become rickety once more.

And so the race begins: with grandma Helga on the loose, Colin turns to the police for help, and Natalie is a stiletto heel tip outside of the law. But being in the wrong has never felt so vindicated.
**Warning: due to sexual situations, nasty language, and a high dose of sarcasm this book may not be appropriate for readers under 18 years old.
Not intended for prudes who get easily affronted**

***The books in the Almost Bad Boys series should be read in order. They are not stand-alone books***



stephanie Stephannie


This is the third book in the Almost bad boy series and it starts off with Colin and natalie at his great grandmother Helga birthday party. Then 1/2 through the party she is no where to be found.  Natalie and her friends including Svetlana are on the case. But again these girl gets some unexpected things occur that make this night even more crazy than expected especially with Svetlana around and her body guards. 

Colin calls the police while Natalie decides to find Helga herself. This could be a major turning point that could lead to trouble between Colin and Natalie relationship. They both love each other but is love enough if you cant learn to trust each other.

This was another good book that I did enjoy. The great grandmas were funny and so was Natalie and her gang of friends. Especially Svetlana and her gun toting Russian mafia bodyguards that aways have Natalie and the girls back but seems to lead them in more unintentionally trouble.  But what I wanted more of Colin and Natalie and building on trusting each other more. It was fun and witty humor story with a twist of romance between Colin and Natalie.

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