Book Review – Adam, Enough Said by Lynda LeeAnne

Adam Enough



Our past was painful and a lot of mistakes were made, but that was then – this is now.
Mia wants a fight? I’ll give her one.
She wants to leave me? I’ll make her stay.
This is our future. She belongs to me.

Our past wasn’t just painful, it was soul-shattering, and no amount of time will change that.
Adam wants a fight? Bring it.
He won’t let me leave? I’ll make him pay.
This is my future. I don’t belong to him.

Follow Adam and Mia’s journey through the deliciously dysfunctional madness they like to call…marriage.


5 Amazing Stars Review

When I started reading Adam, Enough Said by Lynda LeeAnne, I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. I was told that this was the 3rd book in a series, but could be read as a standalone. Usually when I am told something like this I am a little leery about not reading the other book(s). But I thought well the author says it can be done, so let’s do it. Well, let me just say that I think I just fell in love with a new book and it has made me want to go back and start at the beginning of the series. And I recommend that for others you may want to start at the beginning as well, because there are some supporting characters that you may want to get to know that are from the first two books.

Meet Adam and Mia Bryant. Although married, they are not happily married. Unfortunately there were some things that happened in the past that caused Mia to leave Adam, but Adam would never give Mia the divorce that she wanted for the past six years. But due to a minor incident Mia finds herself face to face with the one person she never wanted to be near again. Her Husband! Now Mia’s past and present collide and she must find a way to deal with an even bigger problem that her present boyfriend seems to have gotten her involved in.  Adam on the other hand is going to try his hardest to prove to Mia that he is still in love with her and only her and all he has ever wanted is to be with her. But Mia is still sure that he committed the transgression that separated them in the past and Mia is too afraid to let him back in her heart for fear of being hurt again.  But Adam must also help his wife out of the mess that she has found herself in and win back her heart in the process.

With Adam, you will find the strong, arrogant, jerky alpha male and in Mia you will find a feisty woman who does not stand for all the crap someone can dish out because she has had enough crap that she has already lived through. I loved that as good as Adam can dish things out, Mia will come right back at him and not let him get by with anything. This story is so well written. Lynda has done a wonderful job taking you into their past present all at once. And I thank you Lynda for writing such a great story and making me a fan of your work now.

“This is me. I’m an asshole. I’m a jerk. I say the wrong thing at the wrong time. I always have and always will…but, Freckles, you’re the only woman that will get me. Do you understand?”

“No, no, no, no, no…don’t do this. Everything’s okay now. I’m here, you’re here, and we’re together. I won’t ever leave you, and I’ll never let you leave me,” – Mia

“Bitches be fuckin’ crazy. All of ’em. And this one was about to drive me out of my goddamn mind, and I hadn’t even seen the little redheaded terrorist yet. So, why I let her flip the switch on my nerves with one single phone call… I’d never know.” –Adam

“Deal. I love you, Adam.”

“You’re my fuckin’ heart, Mia.”