Blown by Braxton Cole


Blown is a novella length erotic romance.

Veronica “Roni” Guard is an undercover cop trying to bust a drug ring. Unfortunately, she runs into her ex-boyfriend, Mateo Vargas, at an illegal street race in the California desert. He just happens to be a pretty big criminal himself. That’s why they split originally. No matter how much chemistry they have between them, a cop and a gangster are not a good match. Roni Convinces Mateo to help her with her case, his reluctance derailed by the one thing that always worked between them–sex. Yes, he’ll help her. But on one condition. In his world, she belongs to him, and him only.

Will Mateo’s possessiveness unravel Roni’s case? Or, worse, blow her cover? And if they get out of this alive, is there a future for them together?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ena’s 4 star thoughts~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

WOW!  This is going to be a short and sweet review because this was a short and sweet read!

Let me give you the run-down:  Roni is an undercover cop, undercover trying to bust a huge drug dealer/maker, Crimson, and while Roni is undercover she hooks up with Mateo.  Now Mateo is tall, dark, sexy, hotter than Haiti’s, however, he is also a criminal yes, it’s like role playing.  Roni is the badass cop and Mateo is the criminal and the criminal has been naughty so of course the copy has to take action and punish said criminal.  Now that’s great and all in the role playing world but this is real life and that is actually the role they play.

Roni is funny, witty, beautiful, badass, and won’t take shit from another including Mateo, which I might add he finds that very attractive.

First, what kind of sadist invented four-inched spiky heels?  Swear to God, if I ever meet the guy who invented them, I’m totally shoving one of these shoes up his tight, fashion, guru ass. – Blown

Now don’t let Mateo fool you, even though it doesn’t always walk the straight and narrow path deep down I think he is one big sexy fun teddy bear.  He cares about what happens to Roni and wants more from her than just the mind blowing sex.  He wants her for his future.

Roni is attracted to Mateo (seriously) and vice versa, not knowing what it is about the other person that pulls them towards each other, but they can’t seem to get enough.  Mateo wants her out of the game where she is safe and that way they can be together.  Flip the switch Roni want’s Mateo to turn over a new leaf and be a law abiding citizen so they can be together.  Does it happen?  Will Roni give up her dream of being a badass cop?  Will Mateo finally decide that in the end Roni is worth walking the straight and narrow?

Oh Braxton you sure do write one crazy hot steamy, out of this world scene!  I found myself clenching my thighs together on a couple of occasions and oh boy did I like it!  My only downfall was that I wish Blown was a bit longer.  Braxton has such a great writing technique that I would love to see a full length novel from her.  She describes the characters so well you aren’t left guessing anything.  She can get your on the edge of your seat wanting to know what is going to happen next or let you relax and enjoy the read. 

Okay readers want a little insight on blown!  Ready?  Here we go.

“Flip you over and fuck you from behind.  I want to pull your hair until you scream.”

As much as I wanted to suck him off, his idea was a pretty good one, too.  Mateo grabbed me by the ankles and pulled me to the edge of the bed.  He flipped me over like it was the easiest thing ever.  And then he fucked me until I screamed. – Blown

Okay everyone so there you have it, my review on how I felt about Blown.  Wish it was longer because I wanted more of Mateo and Roni.  But being what it was a short and easy read I think Braxton Cole did a wonderful job with her storyline and great writing technique.