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All it took was one night to change the rest of my life. 

One night that created irrevocable consequences. 

But some consequences aren’t all bad.

They can be amazing…beautiful… Precious.

I willingly accepted those consequences and wrote a new plan for my life. But that plan didn’t include Cameron Argent – the sexy-as-sin tattooed playboy who got under my skin the moment I laid eyes on him. I was headed down a dark and dangerous road where he was concerned and in the end, our relationship was inevitable. Despite our dark secrets, our feelings for each other burned brighter than a thousand stars and left us both naked, vulnerable.

But when my past came rolling back into my life like a Summer storm, I wasn’t sure if his love for me was enough. 
Was he prepared to deal with the consequences of a past I couldn’t regret or would he walk away with my beating heart in his hands?

(This is a New Adult Contemporary Romance novel & contains language &adult situations. Not recommended for readers younger than 17)

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From the author who brought us Beneath Your Beautiful, Precious Consequences to me is a story about taking a chance on new love and protecting those that are most important to you.  Hayley has a precious gift that she has to put first in her life – above everything else.  She will stop at nothing to protect what is hers and Hayley knows that sometimes life’s consequences to actions can be the most precious gift of all.

Cameron has carried around so much guilt inside of him that for me he was a broken soul that needed to be healed.  He walked around with the weight of the world on his shoulders and was too scared to get close to anyone in fear of being hurt or hurting them.  What he doesn’t realize is that the guilt he carries around with him will destroy him and it takes a couple of special people to show him that he doesn’t have to live his life alone, he can love without the fear of hurting or being hurt. 

I really enjoyed Precious Consequences and the message that it delivered.  I believe that in ever story there is a message that the author is trying to get through to the readers and in this one I saw it clearly.  Hayley didn’t always make the right decisions growing up and sometimes her actions would cost her greatly but it’s what we do with the outcome that will define a person and in Hayley’s situation she took one night of being stupid and naive and turned it into something beautiful.  She can’t fail at the cards that life handed her because it’s not just about her anymore.  Hayley is such a beautiful and warm character.  She is strong and will fight and protect the one’s she loves and will always put them first.  She wants love but knowing that it’s not just about her she shy’s away from it until Cameron.  There is something different about him that draws her to him and she wants him. 

Oh I fell in love with Cameron!  Hot, Sexy, Steamy, Sexy (oh I think I said that already). 

“Oh, wow,” she cries out.  “So deep.”

“So close,” I groan.  “Fuck, buttercup, you’re close, too.  I can feel it.”

“Faster, Cam, please.”

My hips move faster, and Hayley’s muscles clench around me.  “Cam,” she breathes between pants. “I’m going….”

“Let go, baby, just feel me.”

(yep hold on – I have got to clean up my drool)

Cameron isn’t looking for love; he likes his Casanova ways because if he doesn’t get attached he can’t get hurt.  Hayley is different, not at first, but slowly he starts to see something different in her.  He starts to get feelings that he can’t explain because not only do they scare him he is unsure of what they mean.  It’s not easy for him to let people in his world and share his past and what he lives with everyday but he finds that with Hayley he wants to and that scares him. 

But Hayley has a secret too………

I felt how badly Hayley and Cameron wanted each other but was so scared that their secrets would ruin whatever chance they had together.  Secrets that are on different levels but secrets all the same.  Hayley can’t afford to fail; she can’t afford to let her guard down because the consequence from her past is much too precious to her. 

When her secret came out I understood why Cameron reacted the way he did – didn’t mean he wasn’t in the dog house for awhile but I got it.  He was scared.  Fear has a way of hindering a person on so many levels.  I loved that Hayley stood her ground and didn’t budge; she showed just how strong and determined she was in her life.  She can’t fail at her secret, she doesn’t have that option. 

Cameron has his own secrets and demons and my heart broke for him that he carried something like that around for so long.  I understood why he felt the guilt that he did but at the same time didn’t.  My heartfelt lighter when he was finally able to lay that guilt to rest and start to heal.  Granted, the way he did it made my temper flare but he handled it the best way he knew.  He grew so much as a character in Precious Consequences.

“We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to,” he says quietly.

I touch his lips.  “I want….” I pause.  I’m not sure how to tell him what I want.  Cameron tips my chin so that we’re nose to nose.

“Tell me,” he presses.  “I want to give you what you want.”

My hand slides up his arms and I lean closer.  My voice is nothing but a whisper, mixing in the air around us.  “You, Cameron. I just want you.”

“You already have me.”

I was very happy with the ending.  I think Tamsyn did both characters justice and they both grew as people.  Everything I wanted for both of them in the beginning they had received by the end.  Life is never easy – it’s not suppose to be but they both fought their way through life, sometimes falling down but always picking themselves back up.

Tamsyn told a great story about learning to let go of your past and embrace your future.  A beautiful story about learning to love and that being scared of something new and different is okay.  Love can come in all shapes, sizes, and numbers and if the love is strong enough than nothing else matters.  It’s okay to forgive yourself and be happy in life.  Choices you made in your past don’t have to define who you are in the present and who you will become in your future.  And sometimes your actions will lead you to the most precious of consequences.




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