Book Review – Try by Ella Frank

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Try – verb: to make an attempt or effort to do something or in this case…someone.

Sex. Logan Mitchell loves it, and ever since he realized his raw sexual appeal at a young age, he has had no problem using it to his advantage. Men and women alike fall into his bed—after all, Logan is not one to discriminate. He lives by one motto—if something interests you, why not just take a chance and try?

And he wants to try Tate Morrison.

Just coming out of a four-year marriage with an ex-wife from hell, a relationship is the last thing on Tate’s mind. He’s starting fresh and trying to get back on his feet with a new job at an upscale bar in downtown Chicago.

The only problem is, Tate has caught the unwavering and unwelcome attention of Mr. Logan Mitchell – a regular at the bar and a man who always gets what he wants.

Night after night Tate fends off the persistent advances of the undeniably charismatic man, but after an explosive moment in the bar, all bets are off as he finds his body stirring with a different desire than his mind.

As arrogance, stubbornness and sexual tension sizzles between the two, it threatens to change the very course of their lives.

Logan doesn’t do relationships. Tate doesn’t do men. But what would happen if they both just gave in and…tried?


Ena’s 5 Star Review:

This is my first read by Ella Frank and I am officially crushing on her. I love the male/male genre and this one blew me away. The depth of the characters, the chemistry running through them, their strength and determination, and their heartache made for an amazing story.

Logan is used to getting anything he wants. He is all alpha male, tall, strong, sexy as sin, and loves the human body – male or female. He doesn’t do relationships and wants just about anyone in his bed. This man all he has to do is look at you and you melt. Panty dropper would be a great nickname for this man. He isn’t used to rejection so when the object of his affection turns him down repeatedly he is more determined to get the man that is always saying no. He doesn’t know what is in store with him with chasing Tate but he is damned sure going to enjoy the chase and the ride.

Tate is a bartender at the bar that Logan goes to at least 3 nights a week after a long hard day of work. Tate is new to the bar and doesn’t know about Logan’s ways. Going through a nasty divorce Tate finds himself keeping to himself and not letting anyone in. Shocked by the come ons that Logan throws his way he assures Logan that he is a straight man and isn’t interested. Night after night Logan ruthlessly propositions himself to Tate and the more Tate shows is anger and says no the more Logan wants him.

Will Logan’s persistence pay off and finally get Tate to Try and have him in his bed? Will Tate risk everything, his friends and family, to explore feelings he shouldn’t be feeling?

Oh Ella I am in love with you woman! This book was amazing. The sexually chemistry that flowed between Tate and Logan felt like…..

I fell in love with Logan because he was very determined to get Tate to open up and try new things and those new things included them in bed together naked. He would stop at nothing to get Tate naked and underneath him. Their relationship progressed at a great pace. It wasn’t like POOF they were in bed together – Tate held off but after so many run ins and so many sleepless nights not know why he body was feeling things it shouldn’t be feeling he finally gave into the idea of trying. We got a little bit of this….

And let me tell you when Logan and Tate get together there are always fireworks around. They fight like cats and dogs and its addicting. They are steamy and sexy and sinfully delicious. Logan can’t help that he doesn’t have a filter and he tells Tate exactly what he wants even if it makes Tate uncomfortable because Logan gets turned on watching Tate squirm. When Tate finally gives into the way his body feels around Logan and decides to go all in he is determined to stick to his decision and when it happens it made me scream….

The relationship between Logan and Tate wasn’t easy because Logan was comfortable with himself and who he shares his bed with, Tate on the other hand not so much. They fought all the time.  The feelings were all so new to time – he needed time to adjust to those feelings before making their relationship known to everyone, especially his friends and family, around them. He knew the ones he loved the most wouldn’t support him on his decision because of their beliefs but when the time was right he was ready to fight for what he wanted and he wanted Logan.

“My cock is in my fucking pants, exactly where I put it after you finished sucking me off a minute ago.  Wow, Tate, when did you turn into such a little bitch?”

Things really start to heat up between Logan and Tate after Tate accepted his feelings for Logan and what his body craved and when they heat up, I am talking really really heat up. Kind of like….

Everything is running smoothly, Tate is getting comfortable in his own new skin and learning new things about himself. Logan is happy and falling hard for Tate, which is something not expected. Tate is ready to fight for his relationship with Logan and than one afternoon, one meeting changes everything and turns Tate’s world upside down. My heart broke for Tate because he was ready to give up everything for Logan and I was left feeling….

When Tate finally fights for the relationship he wasn’t sure he wanted in the beginning will Logan get scared and run, what he does best? Will Tate’s heart shatter knowing that Logan’s reputation shows he never does relationship and everything is strictly sex with him? Or is Tate different and are those feelings that Logan starts to feel enough to have Logan taking a chance at love? Will Logan and Tate risk it all to be together – will they both Try and at building their futures together?

“Why don’t you understand that everything I’ve done and just did, I did because of how you make me feel, Logan?  Even when I knew my family wouldn’t understand, I did it anyway, just to get closer to you.  How stupid was I?”

Ella Frank you are a GENUIS! I seriously could NOT get enough of Logan and Tate – I was sad when the book ended because I fell in love with them. Yes Logan is a cocky, arrogant, piece of man but that’s why I loved him. I loved Tate because he was so unsure and stubborn in the beginning but I got to watch him slowly accept the feelings he had and try something new and it was beautiful. They fought like cats and dogs and it made it sexy as hell. They hardly ever agreed on ANYTHING except their crazy attraction for one another. It was a beautiful story about a man finding out that it’s okay to feel things you don’t think you should feel. Love is a feeling between two people whether it’s male/female, female/female, or male/male. Love is beautiful and Logan and Tate are beautiful. I can’t wait for more.