Book Review – The Will to Love by Selene Chardou

The Will to Love Cover



“I wasn’t looking for love, only a good time and a way to tour the world with a rock band when he came along and hit me like a hurricane. Nothing could have prepared for me for the complexity that was Will Cullen. He hid a secret that would devour me whole and spit me out. The only problem I had was how did I let go when I decided to give my heart to the very man I would never be able to control and who would always be just beyond my reach?” – Laurel Munsen

Will Cullen has always been comfortable in his own skin, even it was behind the scenes as the bass player for Scarlet Fever. He’s always known he was gay and accepted his sexuality even if he couldn’t be out and proud as a member of one of the most popular rock bands in the world.

Laurel was supposed to be a diversion, a beard to hide behind while he and his lover, drummer Grant MacMullen, continued their hot and heavy relationship. Grant breaks his heart and admits there can never be a future between them.

It is Laurel who picks up the pieces and although he knows what they have together is wrong and conforming to society’s standards of what love supposed to be, how can he rectify his strong attraction and desire for men while he is falling in love with a woman?

Both Laurel and Will learn the fluidity of human emotions and together, they gather the strength and courage to live life, understand each other and love with heart, body, mind and soul.

Note: This story is about a homosexual man who happens to fall in love with a heterosexual woman but it does not negate his homosexual status nor is the author implying sexuality is a choice; rather that most of the time, we don’t and cannot choose the person we fall in love with and decide to give our heart and soul.

Nicole’s 5 Star Review

Laurel is the official photographer for Scarlet Fever and Winters Regret. She was dating will the sexy bass player Scarlet Fever. They meet at her best friend Sydney’s birthday party and from there on the tour happened. Laurel and Will’s friendship blossomed into more, but with Will there were always strings attached……

“The reality of my situation sank in and it hit me like a god damm wrecking ball : I’d gone and fallen in love with a dumb homosexual prick there was no turning back”
Three words : I . Was. Fucked… ~ Laurel

To be a fly on the wall is an understatement for this story. You never really know what happens behind closed doors. The whole don’t judge a book by its cover was all I was thinking while I was reading this story. People trying to tell what you should do instead of what is right for you. I gave Will credit because the only few who did know, either wanted him to come out or leave laurel alone. I loved that through this entire story they fought hard through many obstacles,as well as for each other.but how can they both come out on top and be unscathed.

There is only so much pull a string can take before it snaps! And with laurel and Will there were tons of strings.

Can they over come many obstacles. I was like what would I do in this situation. How would I handle it. I found myself actually trying to put myself in her shoes . I wanted to hug my kindle then chuck it!! I wanted to scream BITCH PLEASE.

This was an original story line, never read a story like it. Which made me love this even more very unconventional love story. But will they get there HEA this is a must read!!
Well done !!! such a wonderful author,who loves to here from her fans!! Check her out !!