Book Review – The Line That Binds (The Line That Binds #1) by J.M Miller

 The Line that Binds Cover



Stained with heartache and cursed with vengeance, a stone well lies on a nineteenth-century estate, waiting for the Stockton line to wish again. 

When seventeen-year-old Lila Wayde’s father loses his high-paying job in Las Vegas, the family relocates to a Pennsylvania estate bequeathed by an estranged aunt. Lila begins a new life there, one not corrupted by wealth and fake friends. She soon meets Ben, the groundskeeper’s gritty grandson, and experiences the kind of happiness her life’s been missing. But as she settles into the ancient house, she learns information about her ancestors and the old stone well that may make her wish she’d never come.

Ben Shadows has lost enough in life. So when Stockton Estate’s owner, Janine, wills the land to her great-niece Lila, Ben fears for the fate of the property. He decides to find out Lila’s intentions as the new owner, but his grandfather wants him to protect her from Stockton Estate’s alleged curse. As Ben helps Lila dig through the estate’s history, they grow closer than he ever intended. Now, along with concerns about the property and the reality of the curse, he struggles with feelings he can’t ignore.

Will the secrets of Stockton Estate bring them together or will knowing the truth rip them apart?

**Recommended mature YA for mild language and mild sexual content**



5 Star Review

I was asked to read and review The Line That Binds by J.M. Miller for Swoon Worthy Books, and let me just say that this book could not have come to me at a better time. I have been reading so much of one certain genre that I needed a little paranormal reading in my life. And this book did not disappoint. I fell in love with it at the beginning.

When I first read the synopsis for The Line That Binds, I was hooked. I could not wait to get the ARC and start reading. Once I received it, I was done for. I didn’t want to put the book down. I had to know what would happen with Lila and Ben. Then I get to the end and it is not actually the end and now I have to wait… ARRGggg, so not fair, but that is ok, because the anticipation is what is going to make it better.

We start The Line That Binds by actually seeing what happens to bring upon the curse that will ultimately last for generations in the Stockton Family. It is 1864, and Dahlia was merely a servant for the Stockton family but she was in love and her heart belonged to Charles Stockton who ripped it out after he slept with her one final time and then told her he was still marrying his fiancé. With a shattered heart, that is when Dahlia curses the man she will always love and remember, but vows that he or his family will never remember anything. And when you are reading this it is very cryptic here. Because it makes me think that she is just going to cause him to never think of her again and to forget her, but that is not the case and this is the spot that Miller hooked me, because you want to know exactly what happens.

Now we fast forward to the present, and meet Ben Shadows and Lila Wayde. Ben is not your typical teenage boy working at Stockton Estates to get money to buy the things he wants. Stockton Estates is Ben’s home and has been since he was 10 years old, when he came to live with his Grandfather Lloyd in the old servant home on the property. But now that home and his job along with the other employees are threatened when Janine Stockton passes away. Although Ben’s grandfather is left the servants home in her will and Ben himself is left with a piece of the property no one know what will happen once Lila Wayde, Janine’s great niece, takes over when she turns 18.

Lila Wayde, never really knew her great Aunt Janine. She has only been at Stockton Estates a few times that she knows of, but when her family is called to come there for the reading of her aunt’s will, Lila never expects to own most of Stockton Estates once she turns 18. The only problem is now, her father has now lost his job in Las Vegas and she is forced to move to the property in Pennsylvania along with her father and brother. There is just one catch, Lila has to become an employee on the grounds of Stockton Estates, (working with Ben) once she moves there. This is a stipulation of the will, so she knows the business side of the Estate before she takes it over.  The only thing that Lila doesn’t know about is the curse that was put on her family so many years ago.

Now if you know me then you know that this is where I am going to tell you to get the book to read what happens. Because I am really wanting to continue writing, but I know if I do then I am going to end up writing spoilers and that is not something I want to do. I can tell you that J.M. Miller has a new fan and I can’t wait for the next book to come out so I can find out what happens to Ben and Lila and the curse. Although this book is considered a YA Paranormal it is something that can be read by all ages (well I would say 17 and up).