Book Review: Pretty Instinct (Finally Found #1) by S.E. Hall

Pretty Instincts Cover
“If opposites attract, then I am nothing. Because you, you are everything.”
There’s no easy road traveled to such an intense sentiment, one I never dreamt I’d feel….
But I also never planned on Cannon Blackwell climbing aboard my tour bus.
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5 Star Review

Being my first S.E. Hall (I know shocker right – sad but true) I have heard nothing but wonderful things about her previous series but I was glad this was a fresh story because I could start from the beginning and fall in love with each book after it. My first reaction was okay so another band book – not bad I like those, who doesn’t but this one was like on of those mirror mazes where you think yes that’s it, this is that and boom nope not at all. Granted it was about a band but that holds such a small part of what this book is really about.

Pretty Instinct is complex and intriguing and will pull you in with a death grip and not let go until the very end. S.E. gives you just enough to have your mind start to wonder and wondering if what you think or feel is what is about to happen when in fact you will be pleasantly surprised that not everything is at it seems and the many times I found the light bulb in my head clicking on or my blood starting to boil at a new temperature I was suddenly splashed with cold water and the light bulb burnt out because things I thought were so in fact were not as they may have seemed.

Many emotions ran through me during the read first being complete and utter compassion for Elizabeth Carmichael and her strong and independent character. Feisty and snarky. She had it all, talented, smart, funny, and witty with a double side of attitude and I loved her. Her heart bigger than my thigh which sadly enough is not very small she gives and gives to those that are near and dear to her and she holds them to her tighter than a prisoner holds his butt cheeks together during shower time. Being the selfless character that she is, she always puts herself last and sometimes when you least expect it – it’s time to put yourself first and to finally find the one who truly completes your heart and makes you see yourself in a way you never knew existed.

Traveling on a band tour bus with the with the 4 closest people and only people in the world that she will do anything for, Elizabeth’s life is about to change when a lonely stranded on the side of the road Adonis plants his root into her life and changing everything she ever knew.   With Uncle Bruce, Jarrett, Rhett and Conner their little 5some will be become a “what’s one more, we need him, 6some) and that right there my friend is where the story truly began for me. Where all the magic happened on and off the stage. Where friendships were tested and bonds were created and secrets and truths were discovered and old wounds were ripped open with a jagged knife.

Cannon “sex on a stick (okay I through that in there) Blackwell finds himself climbing onto a tour bus with 5 other people he doesn’t know from Adam from following his instincts he knows this is exactly where his path is supposed to take him and he dives in head first, no regrets, no looking back only looking towards his future and what being at the right place at the right time could mean.   Cannon is sexy, talented, such a dirty dirty talker and all things romantic. He is gifted with the romantic tongue that I myself wouldn’t mind to take a lashing or 2. That boy is all sorts of crazy sexy that will have your panties melt and have you tell your significant other to “shut the hell up Cannon is speaking to me”! The words that would come out of his mouth both dirty and sweet were so poetic I felt like I should really just ditch the panties for the remainder of the book.   Cannon is the type of character that you cannot help fall in love with – yes I will admit sometimes he was cheesy (in the most romantic way possible) but he had a temper too and not the kind that scared Lizzie (Elizabeth) the type where she knew that he would spend relentless amount of hours punishing her in the most of pleasurable ways.

Another character I had an insta love with was Conner – who just so happens to be Lizzies big and loveable teddy bear brother you will fall in love with him instantly, he is addicting and captivating and everything that pops out of that mans mouth will make you smile or laugh. His look and carefree look on life is contagious and I myself wish there were more people like him in this world. Connor (Buds) is Elizabeth’s main concern always be the great sister she is making sure he is happy and never wants for anything. Secrets from the past that buddle everyday ready to spew over one look at Conner and all that washes away for the time being because her focus is to make sure he is happy and being the easy going and lovable character that he is all he needs is his family and friends and god love him all his fish.

There were many highs and lows (not in a bad way), good and bad, ugly and beautiful, down right pee my pants, and damn near swam in a bath tub of my own tears while reading this book. S.E. Hall has a way and taking a story that runs through her head and making it come alive for all to enjoy. What she took with this story line was so much more than I was expecting which made my adore it even more. The love story is there true and it sure does blossom and come (multiple times) out however for me the story really lies within Elizabeth herself and her need to health and move on from the past. To finally learn the truth that has been just out of her reach for far too long and to finally after living in a black whole with only glimpses of the bright light outside live a true happy and fulfilling life and finally learn that the past cannot be change and you yourself decide your future.

So many emotions can take a person and break them and make them into someone you don’t recognize and in Pretty Instinct I got the message that all we can do is love them – love them hard and hope that they take that love and receive it and return it however you can’t make someone change your can pray to Gods above and talk until your blue in the face but sometimes you need to find the strength within yourself to know that you love and are loved and need to start living your own life because we only get one – and I truly believe this is what Cannon taught Lizzie in the short time they knew each other.

I highlighted more quotes than I care to admit because S.E. Hall has a way with words that really if I ever got close to a mini ‘O’ from just reading it would be this book or words that made you feel like you were that character and feeling their pain and the waterfalls started. S.E. it was an amazingly beautiful and captivating read one that if you read between the lines you will find so many messages. It’s not just a romance story but also a life lesson about acceptance, forgiveness and all around having faith and trust in people. People make mistakes and do things they aren’t proud of, nobody is perfect but when you find that one where even through your mistakes and your imperfections they are there right beside you helping you through those imperfections and mistakes maybe that is the one and I in my opinion sometimes you just know something nagging in your head or pulling at your heart and for me that is a good instinct a pretty instinct if you will.

Favorite Quotes (some of them literally there are too many to list)

Feisty Take Charge Cannon

“You are definitely bitch, in the most adorable, protective way possible. But if you ever call yourself mundane again, I will spank your delectable little ass. Twice. Until tomorrow, sleep well, my bewitching siren.”

 Crude but oh so sex Cannon

“Gonne have to think of a new phrase, baby, cause I’m about to eat this pussy,” he croons, hands pushing apart my thighs. 

“That’s my pussy now, baby, and it tastes perfect.” 

Snarky and gotta love her badass Lizzie

“You are such an evil, low class lesbian,” she sneers, an inch from my face.

“Evil is kicking people you supposedly love enough to marry out in the middle of nowhere and fucking with their future behind their back. Low class is keying cars and begging your way back when you’re not wanted. And a lesbian wouldn’t have sat on his face, screaming around his big dick in her mouth while she came. Guess what I did this morning, Twinkle Toes?” 

And last but not least my favorite quote in the whole book….

“So sweet, my Siren, more perfect every time. Love me forever, swear it.” He kisses me now, flat tongue licking after each puckered nip on my breast and collarbone, then up my neck. “Fuck me hard when you’re mad, soft when you’re not, bite my dick when I won’t listen, and deny me until I beg when I’m late or forget something important. But always, always love me?”

So after reading this review don’t you want a little nibble?