Book Review – My Beautiful (Lifeless #2) by J.M. La Rocca

My Beautiful CoverSynopsis

It has been eight months since Scarlett Moore last saw Kade Evans. After being left hurt and confused she tried to forget about him, but he wasn’t easy to forget. She found herself thinking about him often. Even her best friend Jules did her best to get him off her mind by pushing her toward Bryce, the one person Scarlett was not sure she wanted to be involved with. When a new job opportunity is offered to her and Jules, they jump on it. The idea of starting over again and forgetting the past is enticing to Scarlett even if it moves her to Los Angeles, the same place Kade lives.

Kade Evans’ life revolved around his band, alcohol, drugs, and women…until he met Scarlett. She is the light to his darkness, his beautiful; the one that makes him see what the future might hold. That is, until his past came barreling back into his life, ruining everything. Hurting her was the last thing he wanted to do, but he did what he had to do to protect her. His plan is to find a way out of his new life before he tries to win her heart back. But life has a plan of its own and unexpectedly, Scarlett walks back into his life.

When they meet again, the fire she thought burned out is reignited and the plans he made are rearranged.

Just when things start to fall into place, they all seem to fall apart and the one person they think they can trust turns out to be the one to hurt them the most.


4 1/2 Star Review

When My Beautiful first begins 8 months has passed since the ending of Lifeless where Scarlett was left broken hearted not really knowing the real Kade. After being pushed aside by a man she was falling fast for she packs up and moves to California with her best friend to help run a new office her company is opening in Los Angeles. It turns out that it’s a small world and Scarlett’s path and new adventure will bring her front and center to Kade; the man who not only stole her heart but in the same breath broke it into a million pieces.

I loved this book because not only did it give me the smut and naughty stuff that I crave so much in the novels I read it also gave me angst. Danger and suspense hid around every corner. Not everyone is who they seem to be. J.M. will take you on a roller coaster ride with this one. It’s like a real life game of Clue of who did it, with what, to whom, and why. All your questions and some that you may not have even thought about will be answered by the time you finish this book.

Kade is still sexy and dirty talking Kade but I think in My Beautiful we get to see a much softer side of him. You get to know the real man underneath the hard exterior, the man that will stop at nothing to protect Scarlett from any harm coming her way. Part of him is broken because the two things that he held closest to his heart he had to step away from and he will fight tooth and nail to get those things back into his life, he is just hoping that it doesn’t cost him his life. Born into his family name he has to overcome obstacles’ in order to continue the life that he chose for himself a long time ago. Where betrayal, lies, and murder lay all around him Kade is in the fight of his and he knows he can only trust certain people, but the question is does he trust the right ones?

Scarlett aches for Kade, something has been missing since the day he stomped on her heart and she wants it back. After finding out secrets that have been kept from her she knows she should keep her distance and not get mixed up with Kade and his past but something within herself calls him to her. Even with all the danger lurking around her she still wants him and she herself too is willing to fight for what she wants. Being in the crossfire can be dangerous and Scarlett finds out just how dangerous love can be.

While reading I always try and think ahead and figure out the story before it actually happens instead of letting the story take me there – I guess my mind moves too fast. So after I finished Lifeless I knew what would happen in My Beautiful.

Around 40% into My Beautiful I was like “No shit – I got it”.

And then around 50% I was like “Oh shit – maybe I don’t have it.”

So here I am reading My Beautiful going through the twists and turns just knowing that I got it now. I know exactly who everyone is and who they say they are. The ending is wrapping up nicely for me because hey I am a smart girl so I just go it. I do, I know the ending, I know the ending…Well than Jennifer kind of sort of……

Because NOPE once again I was so very wrong.

The love between Kade and Scarlett is powerful during My Beautiful and he truly will stop at everything to protect her even putting up with her half brother Bryce that we met in Lifeless. Bryce and Kade are working towards two goals together. One is to protect Scarlett from being harmed any means necessary and 2 getting back their normal lives away from all the craziness that is Kade’s family.

Kade is a lover but has a badass side that he brings out when needed. The storyline is fantastic. I am reading and reading, devouring and devouring and thinking and thinking (you know I try and play the story out before it’s over). Well around 75%ish in the light bulb dings in my head and I just knew it. I knew this was going to happen. I knew that was going to happen and I just know who is involved and about 80% ish in I picture J.M. doing this….

Because again I was wrong! Which than made me go a little something like this.

What…………………………..Do how………………………….Why………………….Oh no……………………….Wait what the fuck just happened?

And left me looking like…..

But with longer hair and not so manly looking.

Let me tell you guys – I was shocked by the ending. The whole story from the beginning of Lifeless to the end of My Beautiful leads you to the end to the end of the game of Clue of why, what, and who. There is great naughty stuff, great true love story, awesome suspense, and the full on shock value that you receive at towards the end. J.M did an outstanding job wrapping up Kade and Scarlett’s story. So if you come real close I will tell exactly what you need to know about My Beautiful…..shhhhhhhhhhhh – come here……….closer………..closer………..closer

Okay the girl has spoken – you have to read and find out for yourself!