Book Review: Kick (Completion Series) by Holly S. Roberts

Cami Avesque is a shy, wannabe journalist, working for the largest newspaper in Ohio. She’s stuck editing classified ads until she lands her big break. That break comes when the only female sports reporter goes on bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy. For some reason, Cami is chosen to cover The Slam, a rugby team in Colt, Ohio. They have a chance of going all the way to the Rugby League Championship.
Unfortunately, Cami has a poor track record with jocks and going all the way is one of her problems. Because of her past, she hides her assets behind clothes that are a size too large and big glasses that camouflage the sexual sizzle that eats ripped bodies for lunch. Shy, she must remember she’s shy. If only man muscle didn’t bring her wild side out to play she might survive a rugby try.
Gorgeous brothers, Van and Joel Stelson, own, manage, and play for The Slam. They see through Cami’s cover up and attack in order to make their goal. Who will be the first to get her in bed? Who will be the first to win her heart?
Remember in rugby… 80 Minutes, 15 Positions, No Protection, Lets Ruck!


I haven’t read 1 book by Holly Roberts that I haven’t devoured and Kick (Completion Series) is no different. I must say that the Completion Series is my favorite series of hers and she blew me out of the park with this one.

Kick is about 1 girl, 2 Rugby Players who just happen to be brothers, and how their lives will lead to a tangled web that will be hard to find their way out of. When Cami is sent on her very first assignment to investigate and interview The Slam, a rugby playing team, and quickly finds herself surrounded by half naked Rugby playing that hold her weakness, male muscle. Coming from the past she has come from she hates athlete’s and always keeps herself covered and blended in with the background not wanting to relive the torment she went through when she was younger.

Quickly after packing up and living in a new small town of Colt Ohio she is first introduced with 100% male muscle, Van, who quickly steals her breath away and leaves her weak in the knees. Trying to keep is professional and not drool every time she sees him, which turns out to be harder than she thought. His advances, his smirk and sly smile, and all the ripped muscles that have taken over body finally does her in and she become putty in his hand.

Problem is, he’s an ass….

Joel the grouchy, quiet, and intimating brother gives Cami every indication that he isn’t impressed with her. One walk of shame quickly changes that and Cami is now thrown for a loop when the brother, Joel, is the one who she craves for comfort. The intense one, still ripping with muscles is the one who treats her for more than just a piece and will stop at nothing to show her how truly different he is from his brother. Joel is intense but passionate. Deep down he has a romantic side you won’t see coming but when pushed his asshole side will shine and shine bright.

What happens when Cami finds herself growing feelings for Joel also knowing that she still craves the touch of Van? What happens when the feelings on Joel’s side outweigh everything else and it puts brother against brother? Van the playboy has made a grave mistake and now Cami finds herself stuck between the mad who has had her and the man who wants her for more than just one night. Will Cami be able to complete her assignment? Will Cami’s actions turn brother against brother leaving The Slam knocked out of the championship game because of their clear distaste for each other or will the truth about the feelings between the 3 finally come out leaving Cami with the right brother?

I must say that The Completion Series by Holly S. Roberts, all are stand alones, have been so enjoyable for me and Kick isn’t any different. It’s flirty, fun and down right sexy and Holly threw me into the loop of everything Rugby and has been hooked. Her emotional scenes are spectactular, and her steamy scenes fog my windows. Joel was dark, mysterious and sexy as sin and I wanted to crawl into his body and never leave. Van was your typical Casanova playboy that gave me some twists and turns I never saw coming. Cami was a bright and funny character that needed to find that one special person to break her out of her shell and break the walls of insecurity that surround her.

Holly’s writing style had me addicted from her first book and I never see myself not loving anything she puts out. I must say that I loved Play, Strike and Kick so much that I would LOVE to see these turned into movies. I cannot explain into words what Holly does to me but she leaves me wanting so much more, I cannot wait to see what book is next in this series and what characters she will give me to fall in love with.