Book Review – Keep Me Safe by Elaine Breson

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Sadie is thriving in her new life and taking every moment to enjoy her new freedom. After a failed marriage that changed everything she knew to be true, she gets the courage to start over on her own. Sadie’s world quickly changes from her new normal when one night she gets pulled over by the most gorgeous police officer she’s ever met. 
Feeling optimistic about opening up again, she hopes that begins with Officer Stevens. He’s protective, sweet and seemingly trustworthy. She wonders if her past will ever allow her to get close to someone again. Her friends keep telling her how much she finally deserves to be happy. Will their chance meeting give her an opportunity to find out how fulfilling true love really should be? She wants to put her past to rest and move on, but will she finally allow herself to trust him when she feels like her life might be in danger?

4 Star Review
Keep me safe was a really good book!  Great effort for a first time author!
Sadie is a strong independent woman.  She has kept a terrible secret from those that she loves.  She was in an abusive marriage.  Sadie is a fighter and despite all she has been through she pulls up her bootstraps and decides to make a new life for herself. 
Sadie has a great job at a high school as a music teacher.  Music is her passion.  (I love the big part music plays in this book.  I found myself playing along the same music I was reading about.  It adds an extra dimension to the story).  She was able to save up some money and bought a little house on the beach. It was a 45 minute drive from work, but worth it for the beautiful view.
Her first night driving home from work to her new house, she sees police lights flashing behind her.  She pulls over to the side of the road.  In her window appears the most gorgeous Police Officer she has ever laid her eyes on. ( Holy Moly Yoly!  The description of this guy is smoking hot! (She doesn’t get a ticket in case you were wondering).  Sadie finds herself thinking about him and his beautiful eyes often.
Sadie meets her neighbors who turn out to be great people.  They invite her over to a party they are having.  Sadie shows up and who should happen to be there!  None other than officer friendly himself.  His name is Parker and he happens to be the brother of her neighbors husband.  There is an instant attraction between the both of them.
Parker is known as a playboy to all who know him.  Its not that hes a jerk or anything.  He is a gorgeous man and just cant find a woman that he wants to settle down with.  When he meets Sadie all of that changes.  He wants something with her that he has never had before.  Has feelings for her that are powerful.  He knows that something is troubling her and he just wants to keep her safe.
Sadie is really worried about the feelings she has for Parker.  She hasn’t been free from her abusive marriage long enough to trust.  She finds herself wanting more and more with Parker.  He is so amazing to her.  Its like he knows and understands exactly what she needs.(He is a very good man)  Sadie takes a leap of faith and decides to open up to Parker. Their relationship progresses beautifully.  They are both falling hard for each other.
Sadie begins to feel like she is becoming paranoid.  She feels like she is being watched.  She even thinks she sees her ex husband.  It couldn’t be him though.  How would he have found her?  She has a restraining order against him.  He wouldn’t possibly go against that would he? She finds a note on her car and receives a strange phone call.  Is it just her fears resurfacing or is their really a threat lurking?
Keep me Safe is a really good book.  Not too long which I personally like.  I love a good love story and this is just that.  A strong heroin that overcomes an abusive relationship, surrounded by wonderfully supportive people.  Parker is truly amazing!  Everyone needs a Parker trust me!  There are twists and turns to the story that keep it rolling along at a nice pace.  I didn’t see coming what happens next.  If you like a love story with some thriller, you will love this book!


4.5 Star Review

Keep Me Safe is Elaine Breson’s debut novel.  For a first time author, I think she did an outstanding job at weaving a gripping, believable story about learning to overcome one’s fears and learning to trust again.  

Sadie’s life was great, up until she married her college boyfriend.  That’s when everything changed.  She had to learn how to protect herself from the violent man that her husband had become.  When his last outburst puts her in the hospital, she finally has a way out.  She has been planning for sometime to leave.

With a fresh start, divorce papers signed, she sets out to begin her life, on her own terms. She has her great friend Stephannie who has supported her through everything.  She has a job that she loves and a new home.  She couldn’t ask for anything more.

Parker Stevens, hot, sexy, confident cop.  Sworn to protect and uphold the law.  When he makes a routine traffic stop late one evening, he never expects to run into the “pretty young lady” again.  When she shows up at his brothers house the next night, he feels that he has to get to know her.  He has never been one to settle down, he has just played the field.  Will Sadie be the one to tame his wild ways?

Sadie is hesitant to let Parker into her life.  With her past hidden from everyone but Stephannie, will she finally get the courage to let someone in?  Will Parker be the one to protect her? To help her realize that she is not broken?  Can he bring down her walls and show her what it is like to love again?

Overall, I am very impressed with Elaine’s writing.  She does a great job of character development and scene description.  Her writing flows really well and her story has depth.  She writes about real life trials and the chance for a new, better life.  I was drawn in from page 1.  She made me mad, frustrated and sad and near the end she had me laughing my ass off.  I will openly admit that I am a friend of the authors, but I did not give her any special treatment with my review.  She just has what it takes to be a really good writer.  I look forward to what she publishes in the future.