Book Review – Escape the Doubt (Shifting #1) by Andrea Michelle

Escape the Doubt Coversynopsis

After the unexpected death of her Dad and the haunting manner in which he died Riley Shaw built invisible walls around her heart. Barriers she created to protect her from splintering into broken pieces that couldn’t be repaired. She was unable to move forward from her past letting the guilt of her parent’s mistakes dictate her own choices. 

Dean Warren was safe. Being with him was innocent and peaceful because she didn’t truly love him. His words held her captive in a false sense of security. His eyes were deceptive and his promises of never pushing her beyond what she was willing to give were broken leaving Riley Shaw in a state of regret and doubt. 

Joshua Parker had the power to take what was left of Riley’s splintered pieces and ruin her completely or make her whole again. He was her best friend, her next-door neighbor – everything she wanted and settled on never having. Loving him was as easy as breathing air. The fear of losing him forever was more real to her than the feelings she couldn’t escape. 

When faced with the very thing she feared the most and in the arms she thought were safe Riley finds herself questioning every decision she has made over the past two years. When she finally escapes the doubt in her head and accepts the truth in her heart is it too late? 

Is taking a chance with your heart worth the escape or was it better to have never loved at all? Can forgiveness really set you free? 

*Warning: This is a mature young adult novel. Recommended for readers 17+ due to underage drinking, sexual content and adult language. 

*This is book one in a series however can be read as a standalone.



5 Star Review

Riley Shaw met Joshua Parker when she was five years old. They have been best friends and next door neighbor ever since. Dean Warren was also their classmate and neighborhood friend too. 
But as kids grow into their teen years their feelings began to change. Riley home life wasn’t always bright her parents fought a lot and what her parents were dealing with made Riley doubt and fear love. Riley dad also died which put more fear and doubt that although she had feelings for her best friend she was too afraid of losing him as a friend and doubted that they could have something that could last. Dean was very interested in Riley and although Riley didn’t feel the same way about him they started dating because he was a safer choice. 
Can Riley escape the doubt and find her way to be more than friends with her best friend Josh? Can she trust or will she choose fear? 
I really loved this book. It’s a story of best friends that have feelings for each other but find it hard to express these feelings because of fear and doubt. There are many misunderstanding and characters jump to the wrong conclusions. I really felt the love between Riley and Josh and had butterflies throughout the book. It’s a wonderful love story about escaping your doubts and trusting your instincts and the other person. I can’t wait for book two. Great book! 

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