Book Review – Beautifully Broken Mess by Kimberly Lauren





Jace Riley’s close connection with his identical twin brother, Jaxon, is put to the test when he tries to choose between keeping his promises and following his heart. Is this girl that still haunts his dreams, even after four years, really worth it? Jace can’t help but wonder if he made a huge mistake all that time ago when he let her walk into someone else’s arms, especially since that someone was his twin.

Audrey Mills often wonders at what point she should throw her hands up in defeat and allow all of the horrible circumstances of her life to overtake her. Despite the demons she has faced, however, something inside her won’t give in. When she leaves her small town in Texas to attend college in California, Audrey runs into the one guy who could make her or break her. But is the past they share too painful for them to overcome?

This is the second book in the broken series. While each book can stand on its own, it’s recommended you read Beautiful Broken Rules before Beautiful Broken Mess.

New Adult/Adult Contemporary Romance – recommended for ages 18 and up.



♦4.5 Beautifully Broken Stars♦

Beautiful Broken Mess, the follow up book to Beautiful Broken Rules.  I loved Jace in the first book and was so glad that he got his own story.  We also were introduced to Audrey, who most of us disliked immensely.  In Beautiful Broken Mess we learn how Jace and Audrey first met and what drove them apart only to find each other once again.  She never truly was to far away, since she was married to Jaxon at one point.  Now we get the chance to learn more about both of their characters and why their lives took some crazy turns and in the end brought them back to one another.

Audrey comes from a very broken home.  She is verbally and physically abused by her father and her mother does nothing to stop any of it.  The only time that she is free of the nightmare is when she is at school or work.  Her father makes her hand over her earnings, just so he can buy booze and do what he pleases.  That all changes when she literally runs into Jace one day on her way home from the store.  When Jace sees how upset she is over spilled groceries, he offers to buy her a coffee.  He wants to get to know her.  He has never seen her around before now and there is something about her that has his attention.  After the kiss of all kisses, they make plans to meet up later that night at a party, but when Jace arrives he sees her with his brother.  She never knew that Jace was a twin.  When Audrey finally learns of her mistake, it is to late.

I can’t even call that a kiss because it was on a whole other level. He made me forget about everything… where I was, where I’m from, and even where he’s from. It was just my lips and his, dueling for more.

                  “I can’t, Audrey. I can’t be where my brother has been.                       That’s a line I’m not willing to cross.”

Three years later Audrey has been accepted to graduate school at the same college that Jace has attended and she and her best friend Lane make the move to California from Texas.  Little does she know that she will run right into the one guy who can give her the world or take it all away.  Audrey is lucky that she finds an ally in Emerson, her ex-husbands girlfriend.  Slowly they become amazing friends and Audrey is able to finally tell someone other than Lane about her past.  Will Audrey be able to come clean with Jace?  will they finally have a chance to be together?  Can they put all the hurt and lies behind them?  In the end I really did like Audrey’s character.  She came from such a broken home, but was bound and determined to make something of herself and her life.  She really is a strong woman, even if she came off as a bitch in BBR.

Jace Riley….OMG!  What can I say?  I love, love, love Jace!!! He is the perfect mix of a tattooed bad boy and caring, considerate, lovable, thoughtful and loyal man.  He may be quiet and keep to himself for the most part, but that is because he has dedicated himself to his studies, until he has had enough and decides that he needs to start living his life a little more.  He never expected to run into Audrey again.  And he never thought that his feelings for her would still be as strong as they were three years earlier.  He is not sure that he can stay away this time, no matter how much he thinks it is wrong to be with his brothers past woman.  Needless to say, they start to see one another and slowly learn more about the other.  They cannot deny the feelings that they have for one another.  Audrey just cannot stand the fact that Jace wants to keep their relationship hidden.  She feels hurt, but at the same time she tries to understand Jace’s reasoning behind it all.  

“Audrey, there aren’t enough nights in a lifetime to get you out of my system.”

  When push comes to shove, can they find a way to make their relationship work?   Can Jace  win his brother’s approval or Audrey?  Can Audrey finally let her walls down and let Jace into her heart?  Will they find that their future is in one another?

“I’ve walked past so many pennies in my life, never bothering to pick them up because none of them were ever appealing to me. Then one day, I literally crashed into the most gorgeous penny I’d ever seen, so I picked her up off the ground, wiped away her tears, and became mesmerized by her every movement. Stupidly, I let that penny get away from me, and I’ve regretted it ever since. You were my lucky penny, Audrey, and I’ve been dreaming about you for years.” 

I love Kimberly’s writing style even more in this book.  As most of you probably know by know, I am a sucker for dual POV books.  And that is what you get with Beautiful Broken Mess.  I think the characters are well written.  There is plenty of highs and lows.  I was hooked from chapter one and stayed up all night reading this.  The sexy scenes were off the hook hot.  Who knew that Jace was hiding this amazing Alpha side to him.  I did feel at times that their story was a little to drawn out, but overall an extremely awesome read.  I highly recommend Beautiful   Broken Mess and am so excited that Lane is getting a book.  I look       forward to reading it as well.  Kimberly Lauren does not disappoint.       Go and one click this one today!