Black Lace by Scarlett Valentina


Black Lace – Restrained Love Series #1

by Scarlett Valentina


Black lace, silk restraints and strawberries…..

What could possibly go wrong?

The first book in the Restrained Love Series follows Nate & Sophie’s erotic story filled with love, passion and betrayal were they discover more about their own desires as well as some dark secrets that aren’t what they seem…..

Sexy snippet….

‘Struggling against her bonds as his head moves lower down her shimmering body, his thick black hair grazing her highly sensitive skin causing her to bow off the bed helplessly…’

Reviewed by M.Leigh

 New, up and coming author, Scarlett Valentina throws you, head first in to her debut erotica novella, Black Lace. She wastes no time introducing you to the characters, Nate and Sophie, and their smoking hot, sizzling, change your panties love life. You won’t learn a whole lot about these characters in this first installment, other than where they met and their desire and raw need for each other, but you will learn enough to make you eager to learn even more about them in the next installment in this series. Author, Scarlett Valentina not only leaves you with the need for some new undies, but also a cliff-hanger that comes from left field and leaves you with angst and several questions….one of which being “When is the next installment coming out?!”
Great job on your debut, Scarlett. I look forward to reading more of this series, and any of other future work.

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