Birthday Wishes by Braxton Cole


~~Ena’s 4 Make A Wish Star Thoughts~~

What do you typically wish for on your birthday?

Money, new toy, trip somewhere, or what about sexual favors?

Well for Luca and Mari, two people who met on an online hook up site, they made a list of sexual activities that they wanted to try and decided they would try them together.

Mari is a 30 year old sexy and independent woman who isn’t ready for relationships and commitment, after her failing marriage ended. But being a warm blooded woman she needs and wants a sexual relationship with no strings attached and it just so happens she meets the sexy Luca who is looking for the same thing. Surprisingly they are both pretty kinky when it comes to activities in the bedroom so they are a match made in kinky sex heaven.

But what happens after they meet and when just the “weekend” sexipades isn’t enough and Luca starts wanting more? Will Mari give in and follow her heart even though she is scared of wanting “more”? Or will she put her foot down and listen to her head and insist they keep it strictly about sex?
Braxton Cole bring us a fun and sexy read about 2 adults who meet and work down a list of sexual kinks that they want to satisfy. It’s sexy, steamy, and oh so yummy.

Luca well he will make you feel all sorts of warm and fuzzy on the inside and have you wanting to be Mari in every way possible! The things that man could do to me would make me go all sorts of….

 Luca is passionate and knows how to please a woman. He has a bit of an alpha side and will be dominating when needed.

“Do it. Now.”     Mercy. He was hot when he got all bossy. I shuffled my legs apart. No way was I taking one big step like before.

But he also knows how to please a woman in every way so I would listen to whatever he told me to do because I would know that there was a BIG reward for listening to his instructions. He knows what he wants and he goes after with leaving nothing back and won’t stop until he has Mari….

-He stayed on his knees and gazed up at me reverently. “Perfect. Now spread your legs like before.” Seriously? I was supposed to keep track of little steel balls while spreading my cunt open while it was eye-level to him?

Mari is very sexy and very open about what she wants sexually, she is basically willing to try everything once. I felt like she wanted more with Luca but she was scared of what would happen if he heart got broken. I totally understood where she was coming from but I was really hoping she would take a chance and take what he wanted to offer. Not only is she sexy, fun, and successful but she has a bit of humor to her also.

”Stand up straight, hands behind your back. Clasp them together.”

I did as he directed and my chest jutted out even further. Moment of truth, my rack was awesome.

I can’t wait to start All Wrapped Up and see where Mari and Luca’s relationship leads and I hope, hope hope that Mari will take a chance at love. We shall see!

Great job Braxton on this erotic novella. I love the characters, the sex (as always with Braxton) is hot and she left me wanting to know more about their relationship and where it might lead. So for now I must go and finish All Wrapped Up because there is never a dull moment with Luca and he is at the present moment calling me name!!!!

Until then read Birthday Wishes – and blow out your candles! Make a wish!