Being Me by Lisa Renee Jones

Being Me

Reviewed by M.Leigh

6 out of 5 stars J

Seriously, if I could, I would give this book 6 out of 5 stars! IT. IS. THAT. GOOD. Period. Lisa Renee Jones really outdid hersel

First off let me say, if you have NOT the first book in this series, If I Were You, you MUST read it. This is NOT a stand alone book. Also, if you have NOT read Rebecca’s Lost Journals, The Seduction and The Contract, you need to read them before you read Being Me. There are some things in the journals that will help you better understand things that will be happening in Being Me. Now that that’s out of the way………

“Holy Crap!” “That did NOT just happen!” “O!M!G!” “Nooooooooooo!!!!”  These are just a few things you can expect to shout at your kindle or book. Romance, heart break, happiness, sadness, excitement, suspense, confusion, anger…. these are just a few of the emotions that you will experience while reading this novel. You not only read it, you become part of the story. From page one, the much anticipated continuance from book 1, all the way to the very end, you are hanging on every single word that is written.

Being Me picks up right where you’re left hanging in If I Were You, in the dark building of Rebecca’s abandoned storage unit with Sarah still trying to uncover anything that may be useful in tracking down Rebecca, when the lights go out and Sarah ends up fleeing from someone, or some thing, inside of that building with her. From the opening scene to the very last scene, you experience so much suspense and angst. But for all of the unhappy emotions, author, Lisa Renee Jones, gives you just as much passion and love.

Both Chris and Sarah are such strong, independent people. Throughout the story they help each other inch closer to the people they long to be deep down. While they’re both damaged souls, each in their own ways, that could ultimately result in doing more harm than good,  they are also each others soothing, healing balms in ways that no one else has yet proven to be in their lives. But their story is not left untouched by the never-ending trials and heartache that they must figure out a way to overcome without letting it define them as a person, or as a couple. Being Me leaves you with yet another “please don’t leave me hanging” cliff hanger that will have you begging for the last book in this trilogy. Expect the unexpected, but don’t be a blind fool….sometimes things are just as they seem, while other times, they’re not.

Well done, Lisa Renee Jones. Bring on Revealing Us