Beautifully Damaged by L.A. Fiore

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Ember Walsh was always the quiet one, enjoying a book and a glass of wine over the noise and crowds of a club, but when her best friend asks her to come out and meet the boy she likes Ember’s world is turned upside down. He appears like a mythical avenging angel, inked, gorgeous and completely out of her league but one look and Ember no longer wants the quiet, she wants him.

Trace Montgomery has buried his damaged past with women and fighting until one day he meets an angel and suddenly he wants more, he wants her. For her, he’s determined to overcome his demons but will the dark secret that links their pasts bring them closer or will it tear them apart.

*****5 Stars out of 5*****

Let me start off by saying, **Fans self** I ABSOLUTELY loved this book. It took me a day to get into it. After I finally just pushed into it, I was completely oblivious to the world around me. I fell so HARD for Trace Montgomery I am still trying to find my footing. If you want a book that is going to make you SQUIRM, CRY, LAUGH, RAGE and make you want to through your Kindle against the nearest wall, this is the book. The characters were very realistic, passionate and my favorite DAMAGED!!!!! The Hero Bad Boy is Trace Montgomery, and boy was he all sorts of DAMAGED (my favorite kinda Bad Boy), But you also had other characters like Trent, Lucien, and Luke all respectable MEN. How could you not want to have them ALL!!!!! I thought Ember Walsh was a complete Bad Ass Lead Character and she was so shy, but Strong as they come. She didn’t let her past dictate her future. She had a Father that cared so strongly her and never doubted her or her choices and that made the story also so Amazing. You typically get the fathers that want their daughter to get with the “Suit and Tie” kind of guy and always tries to tear her away from the Bad Boy, but not Ember’s Father. An amazing man! I am not going to go on and on about these characters as I should, I actually want you all to get up and go buy this book and get wrapped up in it like I did. You will not regret it at all. I also do not like to have a spoiler type of review just my feelings on the book. I have posted links below to Amazon to get direct access to them so you can go get it, also be a good friend and go buy your friend a copy they will love you for it.