Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren


**5 flippin hot, steamy, pantie droppin stars**


Bennett Ryan is your typical good looking, arrogant, determined, and takes no bullshit beautiful bastard.  Chloe Mills is your typical smart as a whip, feisty little intern.  Chloe is going after her MBA while interning for Mr. Ryan and although she loves her job she has different feelings towards her boss, Mr. Ryan Beautiful Bastard.  He is snippy, snotty, and just a plain bastard, but Chloe gives as good as she takes.  Working late one night things go from bad to worse and desires and feelings are thrown to wind.  Ryan Bennett cannot resist Miss Mills anymore and after traveling together for a conference in San Diego they become well aware that their banter between the two of them is just the tip of the iceberg.  Hearts will soon come into play and true feelings and desires will surface.  Will their secret relationship ruin their careers, will hearts be broken, or can Bennett and Chloe figure out how to have their business relationship and keep their personal relationship separate?  They both want it all but can they really have it all?


I was very impressed with this story.  This book had me laughing, crying, screaming, and had my heart melting.  At the beginning I thought, okay, another drop dead beautiful executive and a young pretty little intern it’s going to be the same story I have read countless times but surprisingly I was wrong.  I loved this story from the first word to the last sentence and it left me craving for me. 


There were times when I hated Bennett Ryan with a passion and times when I fell in love with him.  Their banter back and forth was very humorous and left me giggling.  Even though Mr. Ryan played this tough as nails character I saw some of his true self shine through this book and it made me fall in love with him.  I loved Chloe from the first time she was introduced into the book.  Yes she is young but she has a strong mind and doesn’t take crap from anyone and is feisty as hell.  The love story between the 2 characters gradually grows so you feel like you grow with the characters and you can almost relate to them and their fears about their business and personal relationship. 


After reading this story by Christina Lauren I am looking forward to more of her work and can’t wait to read her next story Beautiful Stranger set to release on May 28, 2013.  I need more Chloe and Bennett.  Even though he may seem like a bastard, I too, fell in the love with the Beautiful Bastard.

Review by Ena