Battlescars: a rock & roll romance by Sophie Monroe



Aubrey Thompson is a twenty-three year old flight attendant for her dad’s small commercial fleet. She’s a sarcastic smartass that has no problem telling you where to go. She also despises rock stars…but that’s all part of the story. Her Granny Jean is spy and will have you laughing out loud.

In comes Jake Parker, the twenty-five year old lead singer of Battlescars. His reputation is the untamable bad-boy. He’s completely “balls to the wall” in everything that he does. Two days after returning home from a month long tour across Europe he gets a visit from Bruce, an executive from the record label. He informs Jake that Battlescars is going back on tour for three months. What everyone doesn’t know is that Jake is worn down and sick of the same old shit.

His record label hires Aubrey’s dads company to fly him around for the last minute tour. In order to keep her dad’s company afloat they will have to learn to play nice. When Jake first meets Aubrey she refuses to even acknowledge his existence. He sees her as refreshing and a challenge.

Both of them have some pretty heavy scars from their pasts holding them back. Can Jake get Aubrey to let him in? Or will she shoot him down based on his outlandish reputation? Will her fear of getting hurt again keep him out for good?

Are the two of them a match in heaven or hell?


Amanda’s Review


I love a book with a strong female who can hold her own!  This book has that and so much more!  Throw in HOT Rock star Jake, his band mates, her best friend (Piper), and her Granny (OMG) and you have a fantastic and hilarious story!  Sophie has wrote an amazing story and I can’t wait for more from this series!
“The key to finding lasting love is to find someone who loves you, battlescars and all.”
In Battlescars you meet Aubrey Thompson!  She is one of those people who you know not to mess with!  She will tell you exactly what she is thinking and where you can go without blinking!  I love her smartass comments and how she puts people in their place!  But in the same sentence she is vulnerable and you can tell is hiding behind that smart attitude.  Someone has hurt Aubrey and Jake Parker has every intention of breaking down her walls and claiming her! Jake is the sexy as hell lead singer for Battlescars.  He is well known for his reputation as a bad boy ladies man!  But what you see in the tabloids is not all that there is to him!  Yes he is completely “balls to the wall” in everything he does, but he also is so sweet!  I mean seriously some of the sweet stuff he does for Aubrey (swoon) and even other people… made me want to find my own Jake!
“My Granny always says, ‘women are like angels, when someone breaks our wings we continue to fly around on our broomsticks because we’re flexible like that.”
These two first meet when Aubrey’s dads company flies Jake and his band around for a last minute tour.  Aubrey didn’t want to go but when her dad asked she agreed and becomes their flight attendant for the whole tour.  Jake is immediately attracted to Aubrey but also finds her a challenge, because she won’t even acknowledge him!  Little does Jake know that Aubrey despises rock stars…  but that is all part of her past and she refuses to give into Jake’s charm.  Just as she tells herself that, she starts feeling comfortable around him… and that doesn’t usually happen around guys!
“Something weird was going on… I might actually like Jake Parker.”
It will be a long road for them because they both have deep scars and are still healing!  But Jake has to get Aubrey to open up and trust him!  And Aubrey is scared because she doesn’t know if she can risk getting hurt again!  I am definitely Team Jake!!!  I loved him and thought he was so sweet and romantic and SWOON WORTHY!  A great start to what promises to be an amazing series!  Can’t wait to get to know more of these characters!!!