Avoiding Commitment by K.A. Linde

From Goodreads book Blurb: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/13345975-avoiding-commitment

Jack and Lexi never had a typical relationship. After 2 years without speaking, she receives a phone call that changes everything. He unexpectedly asks her to convince the new girl, Bekah, that he’s ready to commit. Jack is calling now after everything they had been through because there is another woman. She can’t believe it. Follow Lexi in this heart wrenching drama as she relives her past relationship, or lack thereof, with Jack, and not just in her own mind, but to his fiance-to-be. Throw in Bekah’s hot brother who always seems to be in the right place at the right time, a past with more secrets to unravel than you can even imagine, and you get a recipe for disaster. Find out what happens to Lexi as she travels to Atlanta to get the closure she so desperately desires from Jack, and how the bumps of life seem to keep getting in the way.


4 1/2 STAR Read!!!!!!!

This book is definitely on my Must Read List. This book was amazing. Even though this book brought out some major hate towards Jack and Bekah, I had so many more feelings that came out. I truly enjoyed Lexi and her character. She was trying so hard to be strong and not let herself get used over and over again. She had this one flaw about her that made her always make the same mistake over and over again. To say it is not normal when you believe you love somebody so much is a natural reaction. She would have done anything to feel loved and good enough for Jack. I really pulled for Jack and her to work out their kinks and make it work. That was until Ramsey can into the story then it really made me realize how much of a tool, user Jack was. He knew exactly how to push Lexi into situations she thought she knew how to handle. It’s like he knew how to make her think he was really in love with her and how he made her feel like the world just so he could get what he wanted. I am so glad when she decided that it was not right. And she left him. Then we got the cliff hanger of Ramsey. He seems like such an amazing guy. He took her to romantic outings and knew exactly what she needed to try and keep Jack at bay in her head. Who knew that Jack the biggest tool could end up with the nastiest person ever Bekah? I think I might actually Hate her more than I do Jack, which is really hard to do. She is a manipulator and a jealous person who is so scared to lose to Lexi. Then in the ending she left Ramsey standing there on the Tarmac. I could only hope the next book turns out a certain way. Like Ramsey and Lexi together HEA!!!!!! I know a lot of people are team Jack and want him to realize what he has and feel the same way about Lexi so they can finally be together, but think about it. Do you really want to see an amazing girl, with the world in her hands end up with a jerk that uses her and know how to manipulate her into horrible situations? I guess we will see where the next book takes us. I would recommend this book to anybody who loves to read books that make you squirm, cry, smile, and hold their breath!!!!!!! I had all these things happen while reading this book. Definitely SWORTHY!!!!!!