What If by Rebecca Donovan

COMING SEPTEMBER 16, 2014 Fawn’s Most Anticipated Books of 2014!!!! I was going to review this book early, but there is just something about reading it with everybody at the same time, I miss doing that, and group reading with some of my reading buddies messaging or texting each other about “Did you just read that?!” “OMG, that just happened” So I decided I wanted that feeling with this special book! So keep an eye out for my review, I {Read More}

Love Me by Jillian Dodd

♥My review for this Amazing, Sit on the Edge of Your Seat, Perfect Series!!!! I give this book 5 Stars♥ So I officially have one of the WORST Book Hangovers right now! I have always been a fan of Jillian Dodd. How could you not? Everything she writes is Sure Brilliance! The way she transports into High School Girl and writes exactly like it needs to be and is. She hits the nail on the head every time and I {Read More}

~~Out of Breath by Rebecca Donovan Blog Tour~~

We are so honored to be a stop for this blog tour. You all know that The Breathing Series is MY (Fawn) ALL time favorite Series. Evan Matthews IS and ALWAYS will be my #1 Book Boyfriend! I have invested more than time into this series, I have invested my HEART. I took a chance on Reason to Breathe when I got back into reading. At the time I never heard of Rebecca Donovan. Something drew me to One-Click  Reason {Read More}

Fawn’s 5 Star Review of Out Of Breath by Rebecca Donovan

Out of Breath Book #3 in The Breathing Series by Rebecca Donovan   5+ Stars to this Emotional, Empowering, Finding Your Purpose in Life Series Wow! Were do I begin… This book was by far MY most anticipated book EVER! I was counting down the days. Yes I even had a ticker on my phone counting down every day until this would be in my hands. It has been almost a year to the day since I finished Barely Breathing. {Read More}

A Lucky Second Chance by Nickie Seidler

5 Romantic Suspenseful Keep you wanting more stars. I got this book as an ARC to read and give an honest review. I flipping loved it! It was suspenseful, kept me always needing to know what happened next. I loved the love story. I loved Nathan. He really was everything! If you are looking for a strong male character, who is Hot and just makes you Swoon, this is the book for you! The heartache Emma went through was rough {Read More}